PCV 13 June 2010

Brief Project Description:
Camp Espoir: Manigri is a 4-day gender sensitivity camp for thirty boys. Initiated by a local teacher who had previously worked with Volunteers in the Donga region’s Camp Succees, Camp Espoir will grant young men the opportunity to discuss their role in female empowerment. Morning discussions about daily themes including “Gender Roles and Development”, “Healthy Relationships”, and “Personal Responsibility”, will be used to evaluate and gauge how the boys are adapting to new challenges and ideas presented through-out the camp. The morning of Day 3 (“Personal Responsibility”) there is a trip to Kikele, a small village approximately 12 kilometers away. The sacred forest of this village has a fairly sizable black monkey population, the monkeys themselves being sacred objects. However, the forest is full of trash and terribly polluted. An EA Volunteer will lead a discussion regarding the effects that people have on their environment and, in turn, on others. This will be used as a physical representation of the importance of being a peer educator and role model to others in their village. Directly after the trip to Kikele, there will be a session lead by teams of PCVs and the campers in small groups, where they will discuss how they can be role models at home, at school and around the village.

Dates of Project: July 18, 2010

Number of People Involved: The top 30 boys from CEG Manigri in 6eme, 5eme and 4eme will participate with eight PCV counselors, one junior counselor, and one HCN peer educator. After touring the general area of the sacred forest, one PCV counselor with the Junior Counselor will present a lesson based on the tenets of “Personal Responsibility”, using the polluted forest as a metaphor for a village, and the monkeys as villagers, who are effected by their environment. The trash will represent individual actions, such as violence towards others, emotional abuse, discrimination, sexual harassment, that pollute the village. Each student will then be asked to brainstorm ideas as to how they can “clean up” their village for their friends and family. The trip will not only demonstrate the importance of a clean physical environment, but of a healthy social environment as well.


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Transportation (Manigri to Kikele round trip) 40 750 CFA 30.000 CFA
Tour fee 40 125 CFA 5.000 CFA
Total Cost 35.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 35.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: This sounds like a great activity. Could they help clean up the forest while they were there, or are there issues with that because it is a sacred place? If they are allowed, it might be cool to spend 1 hour after the session doing a cleanup of the area they were in. Recommend funding.

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