Pcv 12 June 2010

Brief Project Description:
This 5 day camp is intended to open the eyes of 7th and 8th grade girls to larger world where anything is possible. We want to help the girls to realize they can be successful wherever they choose to go in life. Sessions in the morning will cover topics such as setting goals, reproductive help, domestic violence, an outing to the museum in Parakou, and a model women session where they will be able to learn about different professions in which women work both in Tchatchou and in bigger cities.

In the afternoon there will be sports sessions where girls will learn how to play kickball and soccer. There will also be craft sessions where the girls will learn to crochet using plastic bags, encouraging awareness of recycling and the environment. On the last afternoon, there will be an awards ceremony, during which the girls will share what they have learned over the week with their families and awards and prizes will be given to each girl.

The camp will be co-managed by three tutrices, adult women who can model good behavior and serve as resources to the girls throughout the camp. Assisting the tutrices will be two older girl counselors. These women are donating their time. All of the guest speakers (all women) are donating their time and expertise. Finally, CEG Tchatchou is donating their school space. PCPP funds are requested to pay for supplies, for a field trip, and for a morning snack for participants for four days.

Dates of Project: July 26-30, 2010 with ongoing meetings and preparation in the month of July.

Number of People Involved:

women total
Directors 1 2
Tutrices 3 3
Big Sisters 4 4
Participants (6e/5e) 25 25
Presenters 5 5
Volunteers 2 2


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Expenses for the Week
Morning Snack for 5 days 36 500 CFA 18.000 CFA
Notebooks 36 100 CFA 3.600 CFA
Pens 36 75 CFA 2.700 CFA
T-shirts 36 1.000 CFA 36.000 CFA
Grain Sacs (poster project) 5 300 CFA 1.500 CFA
Grain Sacs (Flag project) 5 300 CFA 1.500 CFA
Presentation Papers 1 2.500 CFA 2.500 CFA
Safety Pins 36 5 CFA 180 CFA
Card Stock 1 900 CFA 900 CFA
Camp Photos 42 250 CFA 10.500 CFA
Marker 15 500 CFA 7.500 CFA
Crochet hooks 36 200 CFA 7.200 CFA
Mosquito Nets 36 750 CFA 27.000 CFA
Trip to Parakou
Museum Entrance 36 500 CFA 18.000 CFA
Transportation 36 800 CFA 28.800 CFA
Awards Ceremony
Sodas 100 300 CFA 30.000 CFA
Awards on Cardstock 36 500 CFA 18.000 CFA
Invitation 50 20 CFA 1.000 CFA
Gifts for tutrices 5 1.000 CFA 5.000 CFA
Total Cost 214.330 CFA

Funds received:

Source Amount Balance
Kate Puzey Fund 100.000 CFA 114.330 CFA
GAD Small Project 50.000 CFA 64.330 CFA
Empower TBD

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Sounds like a great project ! I’ve been working with the PCV on his PCPP app so I’m probably a little biased (and I understand the project well) but I recommend funding

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