PCV 12 April 2010

Brief Project Description:
The goal of this project is to reinforce the importance of the environment by planning events around the National Environment and National Tree Days.

On June 1st, in cooperation with the mayor of Athieme, forestiers, CERPA and a number of women’s groups, we will plant a TBD number of trees along the roadsides leading to the village. The chosen tree will be the Samba, which is the village’s namesake. This particular tree is now scarce in an area where it once flourished and is disappearing from Benin due to its high quality and use in the Oro fetish.

On June 5th, EPD, the CEG’s environmental club, will be planting an also TBD number of trees in celebration of Benin’s Arbor Day. We will replace a plot of land that we had reforested last year, but was unfortunately destroyed by the floods. We will also plant trees throughout the grounds of the CEG. I hope to discuss with the food vendors as well and possibly plant a group of moringa in their vicinity for use in the meals provided to the students.

My numbers are still to be determined as I continue my talks with the mayor and the Environment club. I am still unsure of the scale of both of their respective ideas, but have told them that in addition to my ONG’s reduction of sapling prices from 200 to 150, I would try to find financing to help further reduce their costs. Although the species has been decided with the mayor, it has not yet been confirmed with the environment club and this could end up bringing down costs. I will have a much better idea in the next two weeks about how the funds will be distributed between the two projects and will note this distribution in detail in my final activity report.

Dates of Project: 5/1/10, 5/5/10
Number of People Involved: At least 100 people will take part in the June 1st event, ranging from officials in the mayor’s office and gendarmerie to the local women’s group. The June 5th event will involve 20 CEG students from their Environmental Club plus any other students who hear about it and decide to participate.

Item Number Unit Price Cost
Tree Saplings 1 000 50 CFA 50.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: A nice project and I’m glad to see him working with a number of community partners. I would like a gender and age breakdown of participants. Recommend funding if questions are answered.
GAD Finance: How will the trees be protected from animals? Who will provide a barrier? If moringa is planted, then will there be formations on how to dry moringa leaves and prepare food with the powder? Recommend funding once questions are answered.

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