PCV 11 April 2010

Brief Project Description:
This project requests funds for an environmental mural at the Primary School. Deforestation is a major environmental problem facing Benin today. Deforestation especially effects women in rural areas, who are responsible (in most cases) of searching for wood and preparing dinner. Therefore, this projects seeks to spread awareness to motivated youth about the importance of forest cover and the problems associated with deforestation.
The project consists of two parts, an informational session and the mural painting. The informational session will be led by the volunteer with approximately 15 students, on the importance of forest cover and effects of deforestation. One week later, the students will come together to paint a tree mural.
The topic idea, deforestation, was initiated by the director of the primary school. However, this topic fits perfectly with the larger deforestation campaign including; wood efficient mud stoves, tree planting, and a morgina plantation that happened last year. This offers an opportunity for the students to feel apart of the larger movement occurring in the village and realize the importance of community involvement in environmental action. Furthermore, because half of the participating students are girls, this offers an opportunity for girls to realize their important role in the reforestation campaign in the community and the opportunities to be leaders for development in the community.

Dates of Project: 04/10
Number of People Involved: 15

Item Number Cost
Bucket of white paint 1 25.000 CFA
Blue Dye 1 4.000 CFA
Green Dye 1 4.000 CFA
Red Dye 1 4.000 CFA
Brown Dye 1 4.000 CFA
Black Dye 1 4.000 CFA
Container Mixing Paint 2 5.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Sounds like a good project, but need a gender breakdown and I’d like to know how the students were picked to participate. If questions answered recommend funding.
GAD Finance: Recommend funding once questions are answered.

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