PCV 10 June 2010

Brief Project Description:
The project is the purchase of soccer jerseys for the school’s soccer team. They are currently borrowing a motley assortment of jerseys from other schools in the commune, or renting them. This hodgepodge of equipment has a detrimental effect on team morale, who tend to feel inferior to their neighbouring, wealthier teams. The purchase of jerseys would boost morale, and allow the students to feel proud of both their school and their village. Not only would it make the students feel prouder, but it would also lessen the work load of the physical education teacher who must go on frivolous trips because he has to scrounge up jerseys prior to the match. The teacher could then allot more time to practicing and spending time with these students.
I am also hoping to use these jerseys for my Girls’ Club. The girls would play in teams, encouraging physical fitness, teamwork, and self-confidence. Because there are no girls soccer teams at our school, I feel this would be a great opportunity for my girls to engage in sports in a positive, healthy environment, while also feeling equal to their male counterparts by being able to utilize the same equipment as the boys.
The administration (Director, Surveillant) has agreed to purchase soap and other assorted supplies to have the jerseys washed after each match and on a regular basis. We currently have five sixieme classes, two cinquieme classes, three quatrieme classes, and two troisieme classes -totalling 12 classes of students. Two students would be chosen from each class to wash two jerseys (in one case, one student would get three), in the same way that students are chosen to sweep the classroom, et cetera. The prefect would be in charge of reporting any problems with this system to the Surveillant.
The Surveillant would keep the jerseys in a cabinet in the office with the other sports equipment, and would sign out the jerseys in a copybook, keeping track of each jersey by number. Either a teacher, such as the physical education teacher or myself, could sign out jerseys ourselves, but students must sign out the jersey with the Surveillant present to verify the correct name and number have been written.

Dates of Project: To be bought and distributed in July 2011, in preparation for the new school year.

Number of People Involved: 22 members of the soccer team for Magoumi, all under the age of 18.


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Soccer Jersey 25 2.000 CFA 50.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Well presented project. What is the gender of the soccer team (I assume boys)? I’d like to know more about how the surveillant will manage multiple demands on the jerseys (e.g. if a girls’ group wants to borrow them at the same time as a boys team). Glad she has thought about long term management of the jerseys, and the school is involved. Recommend funding when questions answered.

GAD Finance: It sounds like the new jerseys would be put to good use and well taken care of. I have asked this question before, but if PCVs can only get 1000F/t-shirt using GSP money, should applications for jerseys be allowed to be at full price? Recommend funding.

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