PCV 1 May 2010

Brief Project Description:
A celbration of Earth Day at the high school with my environmental club will be held on June 12th. We will plant 100 trees, have a parade and a soccor game, and invite the foreesters and local officials to give us informational speeches.

Dates of Project: June 12, 2010
Number of People Involved:
25 club members of school club, who will assist in planning and executing the day
50 club adherents, who will plant trees and receive a formation from the forresters
200 high school students, who will march with us
500 town residents, who will be informed about Earth Day by seeing our parade
(amongst the student population 20 percent are female and amoungst the adults 50 percent are female.)


Item Number Unit Price Cost
T-Shirts 50 1.000 CFA 50.000 CFA
Watering can 1 4.000 CFA
Lunch 75 25.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

*Other sources of funding are currently being sought out from the mayors office, the CAs office and from a high school fundraiser.

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Good project but need more details. Is there an HCN adult co-organizing with Diane? What is the difference between a club member and adherent? What is the gender breakdown of the club members and adherents? Who gets t-shirts and how do the shirts fit into the overall project? What is GAD money paying for exactly? If questions are answered recommend funding.
GAD Finance: Liz, you covered all the bases. Recommend funding once questions are answered.

Closing Report

Brief Project Description:
On June 12th my high school environmental club and I had a celebration to commemorate Arbor Day. For this event the 25 kids in the club and I organized and executed the planting of 28 mango trees at the high school. We also drew awareness to our cause by having a parade through town, stopping by the mayor’s office. We were educated by a speech for the Mayor and also from a session on the forests and eco-tourism by the local foresters. Hundreds of people participated in or saw our event, raising awareness of the protection of our natural resources.

Dates of Project: June 12, 2010
Number of People Involved:

Role Participants # Gender (M/F)
Planning the event with me Club Administrators 5 Male
Preparing the high school grounds for the planting of the trees Club Members 25 15M / 10F
Providing technical assistance Forrester 2 Male
Logistical Support CEG Administrators 3 Male
Planting trees Club Members and CEG Students 40 25M / 15F
Participating in parade Club Members and CEG Students 150 90M / 60F
Viewing parade Town Population 500 250M / 250F

Goals of Project:
The objective of this event was to plant, and establish a system for the maintenance of, 28 mango trees at the high school and to raise awareness of deforestation among the population at large, the high school student body and more specifically the members of the environmental club.

These goals were met. The students learned about how to care for a tree and its importance, both through practice and through educational sessions (with the foresters).

Strengths of Project:
The biggest strength of this event was that the students took a large role in planning and executing it, which helps build human capacity and the chance that this activity could be sustainable repeated without the presence of a PC volunteer. The community participation was very large as well, with many people donating their time and money, from the Mayor, CA and foresters, to the CEG administrators and students and club members, to the other various community members who supported us in some way. Because these multiple “communities” participated so actively in the project there is a good chance that the trees will be maintained and the benefits of the event will be seen for years to come, (in the form of delicious mangos and strengthened human capacity).

Challenges of Project:
One challenge was coordinating all the efforts of the various people working on this project, making sure we were working well together and not wasting our time or efforts by not having clear objectives, tasks and goals. Many details would be changed that hadn’t been agreed on by the group as a whole, so confusion or difficulties arose. (Things like how many T-Shirts to order, which person we were going to buy to trees from or how much money to spend on the meal were all changed by the person delegated to be in charge of the task.) Money management and budgets were also hard to teach the students about, but some in-roads were made none the less.


Source Amount
GSP 50.000 CFA
CEG Club Budget 30.000 CFA
CEG Student Fund Raiser 10.000 CFA
Mayor Bke 7.000 CFA
CA Bke 5.000 CFA
Police Chief 5.000 CFA
Item Number Unit Price Cost
Food 35.000 CFA
Drummers 15.000 CFA
Trees 20 750 CFA 15.000 CFA
Trees 5 800 CFA 4.000 CFA
Free T-Shirts 7 1.500 CFA 10.500 CFA
T-Shirts for Club Members 25 500 CFA 25.000 CFA
String 5 200 CFA 1.000 CFA
Watering Can 3.000 CFA
Well Sack and Cord 3.500 CFA
Photographer 5.000 CFA
Total Cost 117.000 CFA
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