Pcv 1 June 2009

Brief Project Description:

During 5 afternoon sessions 2 PCVs will meet with 6 peer leaders and 25 students and guide them through artistic experiences aimed at encouraging creativity, broadening their horizons and allowing them to access new media with a simultaneous focus on the use of locally produced “found objects” and environmental sustainability.

Dates of Project: June 16th- June 20th
Number of People Involved:
5 peer leaders (3 male, 2 female)
25 student participants (10 female, 15 male)

Item Number Cost
String 2 boxes 4.000 CFA
Rope 2 rolls 2.500 CFA
Food and bev 5 days 20.000 CFA
Photocopies 100 copies 1.500 CFA
Tee shirts 8 shirts 20.000 CFA
Total Cost 48.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 48.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: This sounds like a good project, but I wish there were more information. What is the role of the peer leaders? Are they there to build sustainability? Who are they? Are there any adults involved outside of the volunteers? Also, we can only fund t-shirts up to 1,000 CFA. Recommend funding if MB can provide more information about the project.
GAD Finance: I agree. What is the goal of this project? It would be great if there was a clearer explanation of who is involved. Also, the t-shirts cannot be funded like this, you are correct. I would suggest more information before we recommend it.
GAD Specialist: I agree with both of you. Additionally, he's COSing and who's the 2nd PCV? Where is the sustainability here?

GAD Coordinator Update 1: Tried to call MB; out of range.
GAD Coordinator Update 2: Spoke to Matt today; he ended up doing a much smaller version of this project already, and agreed to reapply next month for a reimbursement.

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