PCV 1 February 2010

Brief Project Description:

Peace Corps Volunteers will work with the health center staff in the planning and painting of a mural on the outer wall of the village’s health center. Fifteen children (5 from each of the three primary schools in the village) will be recruited to help paint the mural. The volunteer will ask the director of each primary school to choose the 5 students based upon reliability and responsibility. The mural will illustrate a series of four images promoting positive nutritional behavior. The first image will portray a mother appropriately breastfeeding, depicting the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a child’s life. The second image will portray how to effectively and safely wean a child. The third image will illustrate the three basic food groups, what each food group contributes to the overall health of a child, and the local foods that fall within each group. The last image of the mural will depict how all three of the food groups can and should be incorporated into a single meal.

The goal of the project is to reinforce positive nutritional messages among the illiterate members of the community. The mural will also facilitate conversation between mothers of the community and health center staff about the importance of breastfeeding and the preparation of nutritional meals. Such conversation will empower women to safely and effectively provide their children with nutritious and well-rounded meals.

Dates of Project: March 29 – April 2, 2010
Number of People Involved:

5 Peace Corps volunteers (all female)
5 staff members of health center (3 men, 2 women, ages 21-26): the planning and painting of the mural will be an effective review of nutrition for the health center staff. After the mural is complete, the health center staff will have the opportunity to explain the importance of breastfeeding and the three food groups to mothers who come to the health center. All of the members of the health center staff speak Nagot, the most prominent local language spoken. They will therefore be able to effectively facilitate these conversations.
15 children (8 girls, 7 boys): the children of the primary schools will help to paint the mural. In the process, they will learn about the importance of nutrition. They will then bring this information back to school and home with them, where they will disseminate it among their classmates and families.


Item Number Cost
Email le fauer 4 kg white paint 1 12.500 CFA
Email le fauer 1 kg white paint 1 3.750 CFA
Tuitorex red paint dye 1 3.500 CFA
Tuitorex black paint dye 1 3.000 CFA
Tuitorex blue paint dye 1 3.000 CFA
Tuitorex yellow paint dye 1 3.500 CFA
Sandpaper 1 meter 500 CFA
Small paintbrush 3 4.500 CFA
Medium paintbrush 3 6.000 CFA
Large paintbrush 3 6.000 CFA
Liter of gas 2 800 CFA
Total Cost 47.050 CFA

Amount Requested: 47.050 CFA


GAD Coordinator: This seems like a good proposal, though quite a bit more expensive than other mural projects. Glad she is involving younger students and the health center workers. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: She provided a clear description of her project. She should remember to report the ages of the children involved in the Activity Report. Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: Recommend funding.

Closing Report

Brief Project Description:
We painted a mural on the outside walls of the Community Health Center of Alafia. The images illustrated the importance of exclusive breastfeeding during a child’s first six months, the dangers of force feeding a child, and how to prepare oral rehydration solution for a child with diarrhea.

Dates of Project: April 8-9, 2010
Number of People Involved: 3 Peace Corps Volunteers were involved, 2 females and 1 male.

Goals of Project: The goals of the project were to convey to women the importance of specific health topics that are particularly relevant to mothers in the community of Alafia. Images were used to portray these messages because so many of the women in the community are illiterate.
Strengths of Project: Those working at the health center understand well the messages conveyed by the images, and are able to explain these messages to the people that come to the center.
Challenges of Project: While there was a lot of discussion beforehand with those that work at the health center regarding the subjects of and messages conveyed by the mural, there was not a lot of community involvement in the actual immediate planning and implementation of the project.


Item Number Cost
Pot email blanc le franc 4 kg 1 12.500 CFA
Pot email blac le franc 1 kg 1 3.700 CFA
Tenorex rouge 1 3.500 CFA
Tenorex noir 1 3.000 CFA
Tenorex bleu 1 3.000 CFA
Tenorex jeune 1 3.500 CFA
Peinceau 9 pieces 1 1.200 CFA
Peainceaux blanc 1 450 CFA
Ensemble pinceaux 1 1.500 CFA
Essence, 1 L 1 350 CFA
Bowls for mixing paints 6 300 CFA
Total Cost 33.000 CFA
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