PCV 1 April 2010

Brief Project Description:
A mural will be painted on an outdoor wall at the secondary school in memory of Peace Corps Volunteer Kate Puzey, who taught there from 2007-2009, and to promote the ideals of education, leadership, girls’ empowerment, and peace that she embodied during her service.
This project is being organized by PCVs across Benin and the school community. The school’s director supports the project and will help coordinate logistics. Several of the brightest female students, including four who participated in the regional girls’ camp in 2009, will carry out the painting of the mural. PCVs will design the mural with community feedback and acquire necessary supplies.
The mural, painted on a white background, will depict one male and one female student (painted in brown and black) in khaki uniforms holding the world (blue and green) between them. Lettering (blue) above the students will read: “Students of CEG, The World is in Our Hands.” Lettering between the students will read: “In Memory of Catherine ‘Kate’ Puzey, Peace Corps Volunteer 2007-2009.” The Peace Corps logo (red, white, and blue) will appear in the bottom right corner of the mural.

Funds are requested to purchase the following enamel paints:
- 1 large container of white paint for the mural background
- 1 medium container of black paint for outlining, lettering, and details
- 1 medium container of brown paint for skin
- 1 large container of blue paint for the world, lettering, and Peace Corps logo
- 1 medium container of green for the world
- 1 small container of red for the Peace Corps logo
Funds are also requested to purchase several paintbrushes of various sizes, gasoline to clean brushes and hands, and juice (bisap) for the students as they paint.
Participants will work during the April school vacation. On April 5, 2010, students will clean the painting space. On April 6, PCVs will outline the mural design in chalk, and students will paint the white background. On April 7, students will complete the painting of the mural. Following completion of the mural, we will hold a dedication ceremony and light candles in Kate’s memory.
In addition to promoting girls’ empowerment through planning and execution of this project, this painting will convey a message supporting universal education of children to the students who attend the school and to the residents of the community, who will view the mural.

Dates of Project: April 5-7, 2010
Number of People Involved: Three Peace Corps Volunteers are involved in coordinating the project, designing the mural, purchasing supplies, and assisting with painting. Other PCVs will be invited to attend to show support for the project. One male school director is involved in coordinating the project and garnering community support. Four female students have confirmed that they will participate in the project by cleaning the painting space and painting the mural; we hope others will participate as well. The mural is expected to last for several years and will be viewed by countless students and residents of the community.


Item Number Unit Price Cost
1 kg green paint 1 2.100 CFA 2.100 CFA
1 kg red paint 1 2.100 CFA 2.100 CFA
1 kg brown paint 1 2.100 CFA 2.100 CFA
1 kg blue paint 1 2.100 CFA 2.100 CFA
Thin paintbrush 4 350 CFA 1.400 CFA
4 kg white paint 1 7.500 CFA 7.500 CFA
1 kg black paint 1 2.100 CFA 2.100 CFA
Number 4 paintbrush 6 500 CFA 3.000 CFA
Number 2 paintbrush 7 300 CFA 2.100 CFA
1 L gasoline 3 500 CFA 1.500 CFA
Juice 25 100 CFA 2.500 CFA
Candles 40 50 CFA 2.000 CFA
Total Cost 30.500CFA

Amount Requested: 30.500 CFA


GAD Coordinator: This project was submitted last month, but I somehow missed it so they resubmitted it this month. The dates were changed to this past weekend. This sounds like a great project and a positive way to involve the community in honoring Kate’s memory. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: In order to protect the mural, I suggest painting the mural over with a layer of clear varnish. Also, the application should include the ages of the people involved in the project. Recommend funding.

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