Pabegou March 2012


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Date(s) of project: The tentative dates are as follows:
2nd or 3rd week of April: purchase of balls and pumps with CEG Director
Wednesdays (weekly )until end of June 2012: Girls’ club sessions with new materials
Annee Scolaire 2012-2013: Continuation of club with new volunteer and girls

Brief description of Project:

CEG Pabegou currently has a girl’s handball and football club. For the first half of the year the club was using the balls owned by the secondary school. Now that the club continues meets on a regular basis and the girls have really shown the motivation to continue practicing/playing, the volunteer and girls have experienced a dearth of balls due to excessive use by the boys’ football group on the same Wednesday afternoons. The boys’ football group receives preferential rights to the use of the balls and the girls are left with the oldest – many of which are deflated. The project seeks to fund the purchase of new footballs and handballs specifically for the girls’ club’s use only. The balls will be kept at the volunteer’s home and designated only for the girl’s club’s meetings every Wednesday afternoon.

The girls’ handball and football club gives the girls of CEG Pabegou the opportunity to play sports together on a weekly basis. In a culture where boys usually play sports, girls do much of the housework and food preparation, the girls’ club offers the female students of CEG Pabegou to have a space and designated time especially reserved for enjoying an extracurricular exercise activity free from the pressure of study, household chores and other social stresses. Particularly at school, the girls were not given an opportunity to play sports as there weren’t any female professors willing to undertake their training/supervision. In the Pabegou community, girls wash all the clothes, help considerably with food preparation and other household chores. Periodically the girls do not play handball/football initially but listen to a health seminar or a session on good study practices by the volunteer and there are always opportunities to ask questions. These seminars are important and girls will continue to come to meetings if they know can have a bit of fun as well. By having more balls – the girls can spend more time training and actually having their hands on the ball increasing skills from hand-eye coordination, team bonding and just time to have fun.

Number of people involved:

The people directly involved in the project include approximately 20 female students from CEG Pabegou and the Peace Corps volunteer. The Peace Corps Volunteer will ask the new Histo-Geo female professor if she would be interested in developing and continuing this project with the new volunteer. The girls will be able to use the materials on a weekly basis (more as needed or desired) and train for a possible end of the year match against girls at CEG Copargo.

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 1
Men over 24
Girls 15-24 8
Boys 15-24
Girls under 15 12
Boys under 15


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Footballs (standard) 2 18,000 36,000
Handballs (standard) 1 14,000 14,000
Total 50,000

Amount Requested: 50,000

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