Osborne March 2011

Closing Report

Name: Lucy Osborne
Post: Pira
Date(s) of Project: March 4th to 6th

Brief Description of Project:

I was approached by the students of CEG Pira who I brought to Camp “Espoir de Demain” in Bantè during the summer vacation of 2010. They had participated in a week-long boys’ and girl’s (separate yet simultaneous) camp to educate, empower and encourage them to make healthy life decisions. The former participants asked me if we could do a mini-camp over a weekend to present what they had learned to students of Pira who didn’t have the chance to go to Bantè. Together we planned a two day mini-camp featuring sessions led by the students themselves on topics such as sexual harassment, hygiene, study skills, life goals, a career panel, art and sports.

Number of People Involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24
Men over 24
Girls 15-24 12
Boys 15-24 12
Girls under 15 10
Boys under 15 12

What Were the Goals/Objectives of This Project?

To peer-educate members of Pira’s youth on topics essential to living a happy, healthy life.

Were Those Goals/Objectives Met (please explain)?

Yes. The participants of last year’s camp proposed, planned and presented almost the entire camp. They were able to relay knowledge that they learned in Camp “Espoir de Demain” 2010 to their peers, who were selected based on their grades and essays written. The presenters learned how to facilitate sessions on important topics and the participants learned a great deal and enjoyed themselves.

What Were the Strengths of This Project?

It was student-run and therefore participants were motivated and invested in the success of the project.

What Were the Challenges/Weaknesses of This Project?

Since students were being taught by their peers it was difficult at time to keep order and to keep them from speaking local language.

Do You Consider This Project Completed (Please explain):



Item Quantity Unit Cost Total
T-Shirts 44 1.000 F 44.000 F
Copybooks 44 100 F 4.400 F
Total 48.400 F

Total Cost: 48.400

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