Osborne December 2009

Name: Lucy Osborne
Post: Pira

Brief Project Description:

Outfitting Pira’s youth soccer teams with uniforms. The uniforms would be donated to the school and would be available for potential use by any youth team, both boys and girls. Ideally this would encourage sportsmanship, school spirit, pride and eliminate the need for the students to pay to rent uniforms for every match they play.

Dates of Project: January 2010
Number of People Involved:

Current soccer team members: 22 boys under the age of 18, who would wear the uniforms
Any other potential teams of students, male or female, would also have unrestricted access to the uniforms for matches.


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Player Uniforms 25 2.000 CFA 50.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Good idea – how would the uniforms be stored/cleaned/checked out? If answered, recommend funding.
GAD Finance: Another good point by Liz! =) Also, if we only fund 1000 CFA per T-shirt, then should be funding 2000 CFA per uniform? Just a thought. Recommend funding if questions are answered.
GAD Specialist: yes, recommend funding if questions are answered.

Closing Report

Brief Project Description: In my village, like in many Beninese villages, soccer is a loved, fun, spirited, healthy pastime for the community’s youth. There are numerous “inter-quartier” youth teams, a secondary school team and a youth village-wide team that plays versus various teams in our commune or region. Every time that they play, they rent old used t-shirts, at a cost. With money from GSP I bought 12 outfits (jersey and shorts) in blue and 12 in green, as well as 2 goalie uniforms. Children in Pira no longer have to worry about money in order to play soccer. The uniforms have already been used by the school team, the village team and my girls’ club for various sporting events. The existence of quality uniforms has resulted in increased team spirit and pride, as well as given all children the opportunity to play without the stipulation of payment.

Dates of Project: January 2010
Number of People Involved: approximately 80 boys and girls aged 9-25, with more participation expected in the future.

Goals of Project: To give the village’s youth the opportunity to play soccer with an increased sense or pride and spirit and to eradicate the need to pay regularly for low quality uniforms. To offer all youth soccer players, or other athletes, access to free, quality uniforms.
Strengths of Project: It was easy and it filled a need.
Challenges of Project: Determining who would keep the uniforms and how we would make sure they were returned.


Item Number Cost
Team Uniforms 26 2.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA
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