Nikki March 2009


Post: Nikki
Dates of Project: March 23 March 30

Brief Project Description:

This project would pay for the conference registration fee for the President of UGKAP, a Shea Producers Association based in Parakou. The Association produces Shea Butter and Shea-based cosmetics, is looking to export, and would benefit greatly from the following conference activities: networking with potential international buyers, sessions presenting the latest info on international markets and the local industry, and exchanges with other producer groups sharing similar goals and characteristics. The conference is put on by the West African Trade Hub, and takes place in Ouagadougou from March 25 28. The Shea Association will cover the participants travel, accommodations, and per diem expenses.

Number of People Involved: One female participant, representing 12 Shea Producing womens groups

Item Number Cost
Registration Fee – Shea Conference 1 50.000
Total Cost 50.000

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA

Closing Report

Brief Project Description: Took the president of a shea butter producers’ association to an international shea butter conference in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Over the course of 3 days sessions and exchanges were held on the shea market, industry, and other applicable topics.

Number of People Involved and Age Range: One shea association president, representing 12 Parakou/Tcharou groups and over 500 women producer members.

The goals/objectives of this project To gain information on the sector, contacts, and ideas/models of how other women’s associations operate.

Were those goals/objectives met Yes.

Strengths of the project
1. Gave women actionable information and contacts on which they can make business decisions on their own.
2. Exposed women to the “business world” that shea represents, helping to further coax out “development” or “aid” mentalities that hinder development and autonomy.
3. Women’s association completed project costs by funding travel, food, and lodging.

Challenges/weaknesses of the project Perhaps could have prepared work partner better regarding marketing material and strategies to bring to the conference.


Item Number Cost
Registration for the Conference 1 47,500
Registration for third day site visits 1 2,500*
Total 50,000 CFA

*Note: Women’s association completed the remaining 11,000 CFA necessary for the site visits.

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