Natitingou 2011


Girls’ or Boys’ Camp?: Boys

Dates of Camp: June 1st-June 5th

Location (town and venue used): Natitingou, Benin at Le Foyer de Jeunes Filles

Participating villages/towns: Natitingou, Benin

Size (number of campers): 22

Grade Level of Campers: CEG

Did this Camp use Junior Counselors and/or Tutrices?: No

Overnight or day camp?: Day Camp

Theme of Camp: Basketball, Hygiene, Communication, Environment, AIDS, Malaria

Partner Organizations and HCN guests:

This camp partnered with the CEG 1 basketball coach and biology teacher. It also worked with l’Association de Persons Vivant avec le VIH/SIDA.

Description of activities (Please include main topics discussed):

Camp Smash started at 8:00 each morning with dribbling drills and continued with other exercises until 11:00, when the sun became too strong to stay on the outdoor court any longer. The participants of the camp were then corralled into a classroom, where they participated in various developmental activities that focused on HIV/AIDS prevention, malaria prevention, leadership, communication, and a male’s responsibility to his family and to his community.

Describe any lessons learned through the implementation of project:

The implementation of this project taught me the value of on-call transportation at a camp. Any camp that does not have a method of transportation at all times is bound to encounter many difficulties.

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