Napier Anderson September 2009

Name: Karina Napier Anderson
Post: Kerou

Brief Project Description:

The Beninese Association for Moringa (BAM) held its first inaugural meeting on August 29th in Parakou. This meeting was attended by moringa growers, health officials and Peace Corps participants to help generate a stronger network among moringa parties throughout Benin. The nutritional benefits of moringa greatly help children, pregnant/nursing mothers. A main objective of BAM is to increase distribution of moringa products across the country in order to reach more children and women who face the greatest malnutrition in Benin and across the globe.
The costs for this meeting pertain to phone call expenses for cold calling peace corps volunteers, growers, distributors and health officials; refreshments (non alcoholic) and snacks; name tags; equipment rental and transport.

Dates of Project: August 29th
Number of People Involved: 28 (including 4 women) in attendance at meeting.

Item Number Unit Price Cost
Phone Credit – MTN & BBcom 5 5.000 CFA; 1.700 CFA; 500 CFA; 2.900 CFA; 700 CFA 8.300 CFA
Chair Rental 30 50 CFA 1.500 CFA
Chair Transport 1 800 CFA 800 CFA
Name tag pins 1 packet 400 CFA 400 CFA
Name tag Paper/Tape 1 packet 550 CFA 550 CFA
Nuts 2 bags 1.350 CFA; 775 CFA 2.125 CFA
Popcorn 1 bag 200 CFA 200 CFA
Beverages (non alcoholic) 40 250 CFA 10.000 CFA
Total Cost 26.375 CFA

Amount Requested: 26.375 CFA


GAD Coordinator: BAM sounds like a great initiative, but I think we need more information and it doesn’t conform to all the GSP guidelines. This is a reimbursement, not a proposal, but it exceeds the maximum 25,000cfa for reimbursements and she did not submit receipts. I would like more information on the participants – only 4 of 28 were women; were they PCVs or HCNs, and what was their role in the meeting? Also, was the meeting successful and did it meet its objectives? What are the next steps. Recommend that she resubmit the proposal, taking into account our questions.
GAD Finance: Also, she should double check the budget. The total for phone credit comes out to 10.800 CFA (not 8.300 CFA) and adding together all of the subtotals gives 23.875 CFA. Recommend funding after resubmitting project.
GAD Specialist: Agree with both comments.

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