Napier Anderson December 2009

Name: Karina Napier Anderson
Post: Kerou

Brief Project Description:

The Ouirna Women Gardening Groups I & II of the Kerou Commune under the leadership of both the Mayor’s Office and the Center of Agriculture in Kerou, are increasing gardening and agriculture in their community. The two women’s groups convene daily to plant and farm vegetables to sell at local market, and hold monthly group discussions to voice concerns/needs. With the help of outside sources they are seeking expansion of crop varietals and increased productivity.

Upon my introduction, the women were lacking access to seeds and gardening supplies. With a basic lesson on accounting, myself and my work partner were able to demonstrate how a collection of group savings each week will help generate sufficient funds for purchasing needed goods. A group lock box and accounting book track and maintain all deposits. This simple tool spurred the next step: using seeds as an additional incentive for saving. Upon buying seeds in Cotonou, the groups were presented with the seed packets and the opportunity to make purchases. Each time seeds are bought, the money used by each woman to make an acquisition goes into the group’s savings box to be used later as the group so chooses. All seeds bought in Cotonou were purchased by the women’s groups.

Dates of Project: October – November 2009
Number of People Involved: 29

There are 27 female gardeners plus myself and my male work partner who helps translate local language. He is also learning the accounting techniques and accountability for the distribution of seeds. He and I will be expanding our work to two other villages with more women gardening groups of the Kerou commune in mid November.


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Tomato Jaguar 6 775 CFA 4.650 CFA
Carrot Shin Kurodo 6 475 CFA 2.850 CFA
Lettuce B.B De Pai 6 475 CFA 2.850 CFA
Eggplant Kalendo 2 1.075 CFA 2.150 CFA
Cabbage KK Cross 8 1.175 CFA 3.800 CFA
Gumbo Volta 1 475 CFA 475 CFA
Green Peppers 1 2.425 CFA 2.425 CFA
Total Cost 19.200 CFA

Amount Requested: 19.200 CFA


We’d like to ensure that Ouirna Groups I & II and the groups that follow can appreciate and learn the accounting technique to augment their savings without the help of outside sources, though we understand it is unrealistic for the women to work independent of a partner – a partner who can help the groups purchase materials from larger cities (such as seeds, fencing materials, hoes, and watering cans). We will train at least 3 women in the skills of accounting for illiterates so the women can continue to save money independent of outside male members.


GAD Coordinator: I think this is a clearer presentation of the project. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: This version is better written. What are the ages of the 27 female gardeners? Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: Recommend funding.

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