Mulero June 2009

Name: Rut Mulero
Post: Madjatom
Contact: or

Brief Project Description:

For the first time ever, Cultural Day was organized and held at the newly established CEG in Tchaling, comprising of over 50 students attending from the arrondissements four villages: Tchalinga, Madjatom, Kawado, and Landa. Four professors, along with the Director and the arrondissement’s Peace Corps Volunteer gathered with students for 2 weeks, going over dances, skits and songs for the first ever Cultural Day at the CEG. The event began on May 29th with a carnival in the morning consisting of games like sack races between the students and other activities like question and answer. In the afternoon, honored guest arrived for the opening ceremony with a brief introduction to the activities of the evening which was then followed by a soccer match between the two 6eme classes. During the evening’s festivities, the students from the CEG performed skits about life in the surrounding villages and exhibited traditional dances. The celebration continued the next day with more activities for the students in the morning followed by a soccer match between the professors and the students in the afternoon. Again in the evening, the students performed skits and dances for the community. The CEG was not sure how the community would receive them since this was the first time that such an event was held in Tchalinga however the events comprising the Cultural Day were met with great admiration by the community. (Photographs of the event are attached below).

Dates of Project: May 29-30, 2009
Number of People Involved: In total, over 200 people turned out for Cultural Day. The organizers of the event included the Director of the CEG – Tchalinga (who is also the Chef of the Arrondissement), four teachers from the and fifty students from the CEG, and one Peace Corps Volunteer.

Item Number Unit Price Cost
Sound system 2 10.000 CFA/day 20.000 CFA
Bags of candy 2 450 CFA 900 CFA
Cookies 1 750 CFA 750 CFA
Notebooks (100 page) 2 1.200 CFA 2.400 CFA
Scissors 1.400 CFA
Key chains 5 80 CFA 400 CFA
Total Cost 24.850 CFA

Amount Requested: 24.850 CFA


GAD Coordinator: This sounds like a great project. It would be nice if we had more information about attendance and organizers, including a gender breakdown. Also as this is a reimbursement request I would like some sort of evaluation of the project discussing what went well and what did not, etc. Recommend funding once Rut provides updated information.
GAD Finance: I think this also sounds great, but more information on gender would be helpful. Recommend Funding once this information is given.
GAD Specialist: I agree with both of you. Project to be funded on condition that the additional information is given.

GAD Coordinator Update: Called Rut, she said that students were split about half and half girls and boys; there is one female teacher, 5 male teachers. She will submit some sort of evaluation before picking up the funding.

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