Morgan July 2009

Name: Jennifer Morgan
Post: Angaradebou

Brief Project Description:

As it stands right now in my community pregnant women are given the opportunity to receive a free AIDS test during any of their prenatal consultations. CEG students are also given this opportunity, but only once a year. What about the rest of the community? Men, non-pregnant women, and those who do not attend school in my community receive no such opportunity for a free local AIDS test. For all of them a trip out of village to the local Zone Hospital would be involved.

That is why I want to organize a three day testing opportunity in my community. There are multiple reasons why a person would be afraid to find out their HIV statues, it could be anything from fear and misunderstanding about the test itself to fear of how their family will react if they are in fact HIV positive. By seeing how quick, easy, painless it can be perhaps more people will be inclined to be tested again should the need arise. Also, should someone turn out to be HIV positive they will have a local health care worker there with them, someone who is familiar with their situation and will be able to act accordingly.

There will be three teams; one will remain at the local health center while the other two go house to house. We will be specifically targeting the men in the community, but will not be turn anyone away who wants to be tested. In fact, it is my hope that if the men of the family will be open to being tested then the women in their family will do so as well.

Dates of Project: End of August 20, 21, 23
Number of People Involved: There will be three teams of two people who will be responsible for carrying out the AIDS tests as well as conducting any counseling that needs to be done should a person be positive for HIV. Two or three people from my health center will also be helping to organize this activity. I have ordered 1,000 AIDS tests, so it is my hope that we will reach at least that many people in my community, but since participation is voluntary there is no way of predicting how many people will want to participate.

Item Number of People Rate Number of Days Cost
Paiement agents chargés de dépistages (repas et transport) 6 2.000 CFA 3 36.000 CFA
Mobilisation social (orientation) 4 1.000 CFA 1 4.000 CFA
Photocopie des documents FORFAIT
Transport entre village 4 1.000 CFA 2 8.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: The attached documents were the proposal again in French, with the budget in French (I’ve copied the budget here). I would like her to resubmit the budget in English, per the guidelines of GSP Fund. I would also like to know the gender of the team members. Will they go to all the houses in the community until the tests run out? How will they publicize the event? What other funding sources do they have (for example, who is providing the HIV tests?) This seems like a great project and I recommend funding, provided she can answer these questions.
GAD Finance: I agree with you, Liz. Additionally, will they educate the community about HIV/AIDS via sensibilization or pamphlet? Recommend funding after Jenn has responded to our questions.
GAD Specialist: Agree with you both. Additionally, I suggest that during ISTs, GAD walks Volunteers through how to write proposals for GSPs and the guidelines be handed out.

GAD Coordinator Update: Attached is Jenn Morgan's translated budget. We spoke on the phone and she gave me more information on her proposal as well:

3 men and 3 women will be on the outreach team - one team to stay at the health center, and two teams will go house to house. They are advertising through the local authorities and a town crier. She has a partner NGO, located in Kandi, who is providing all the tests - if the event goes well she recommends this org to other PCVs interested in doing a similar project and will get us the contact info. There are 6000 community members according to the census, but Jenn thinks they will realistically speak with about 300 people - evenly split between men and women. They intend to do some sensibilisation while going door to door, though they do not have plans for a hand out. I approved funding based on this additional information.


Item Number Cost
Food and transport for health workers 2000 x 6 people 36.000 CFA
Community Mobilization 1000 x 4 people 4.000 CFA
Photocopies 2.000 CFA
Transportation in village 1000 x 4 people 8.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA
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