Morgan E September 2008

Name: Erin Morgan
Post: Parakou
Date Submitted: September 08, 2008
Contact Information: 97012170
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: As part of this year's swear in and 40th anniversary festivities, groups of volunteers were asked to design content to decorate a booth in the volunteer projects exhibition space at the Palace of Congress in Cotonou. The booths gave volunteers the opportunity to provide the general public and VIPs (government ministers, etc.) with information about their projects. The GAD booth featured information about the major domains of GAD committee activity in Benin, including publications, scholarship girls, Camp GLOW, the GAD Small Projects Fund, and sexual harassment activities undertaken with NGO Victory Way. This reimbursement request would cover the costs associated with putting together this booth, specifically the cost of the red paper used to back the white captions, and the cost of having photos printed to put in the booth. In addition to the materials paid for by this GSP, the booth also featured older photos from Maria's collection, copies of various editions of En Chemin, copies of the sexual harassment survey report, and a looping powerpoint presentation featuring additional GAD small projects and GAD events that wouldn't fit on the board.
Dates of Project: September 5, 2008
Number of People Involved: 1 female PCV created the booth; booth was seen by over 500 adults and children

Item Number Cost
Red Cardstock for Backing the Captions 20 sheets x 50 CFA each 1.000
Digital Photo Printouts 25 photos x 300 each 7.500
Total 8.500

Amount Requested: 8.500 CFA

Feedback: The booth was well received on the day of the 40th anniversary. The GAD booth was the first top for the group of VIPs that circulated through the exhibition space following the swear in ceremony. The American Ambassador stopped to ask questions about the purpose of the GAD program in Benin. Following the VIP tour, a number of Beninese and American guests came by the booth to look at the pictures and ask questions, mostly about the sexual harassment survey.


GAD Coordinator Comments: I have the receipts for this project. Recommend funding.

Financial Chair Comments: Good use of funds, and a great end result! Recommend Funding

GAD Specialist Comments: Recommend funding.

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