PCV 2 April 2008

Name: Adrienne McCloud
Post: Kolokonde
Date Submitted:
Contact Information: moc.liamg|vcpytsief#moc.liamg|vcpytsief
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: For World AIDS day, Project Panther and I invited 20 students from the CEG (two from each class one girl and boy). The day of the event 16 students arrived. We watched 10 sketches on HIV/AIDS from the Scenarios du Sahel. Each sketch was followed with a review of the theme and question and answer period. At the end we held a question and answered period on HIV/AIDS.
Dates of Project: December 1, 2007
Number of People Involved: 8 boys-CEG, 8 girls-CEG, 1 PCV, 2 community educators project panther (males), 1 community advisor project panther

Item Number Cost
Video Projector 2 10.000
Notebooks 20 2.000
Pens 20 2.000
Total 14.000

Amount Requested: 14.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: Recommend funding.

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