Matthews August 2009

Name: Satin Matthews
Post: Takon

Brief Project Description:

To advertise awareness for healthy living, the health center has asked me if a health mural could be made around its pavilion. Normally, world maps are made around the country however; this mural will be focused on health. The mural will consist of images relating to nutrition, hygiene, and HIV/AIDS prevention. Not only will this mural help to beautify the health center to make it more welcoming, but it will also promote healthy habits in a manner which the village can visually understand.

Before and after the mural is completed, there will be health education talks on the different themes presented in the images. Children from the village and the staff at the health center will help with the painting. The health center staff will also be contributing to the health talks. Health education has already been a huge success in Takon. With the mural completed, we strongly believe there will be a higher turnout at the meetings, and people will constantly be reminded daily of healthy living.

Père Serge at the Monastery in Toffo is willing to make a monetary contribution along with GAD Small Projects and provide the health center with any extra supplies that were not mentioned. Because the mural will be much larger than the world maps, we are estimating the cost of the project will be over the GSP maximum budget proposal. Thank you for the opportunity for Takon to ask for funds.

Dates of Project: September 14th -23rd 2009
Number of People Involved: Painting the mural: 3 women, 1 man, 3-5 children

We will be providing a series of health education talks to approximately over 200 people total (based on past turnouts) before and after the project to promote good nutrition practices, HIV/AIDS education, and proper hygiene. 3/4th of the turnout will be women and children of various age groups. All the people who will be helping out with the painting must go to the sensibilisations.


Item Number Cost
1 small can of black paint and 2 small cans of white paint 1 8.600 CFA
Colorant 3 10.500 CFA
3 pack of small brushes (x4) 4 13.000 CFA
Petrol (paint thinner) 1 small bottle 600 CFA
Paint Sealant 2 15.000 CFA
Towels (clean brushes) 4 2.100 CFA
Total Cost 49.800 CFA

Amount Requested: 49.800 CFA


GAD Coordinator: This sounds like a neat twist on the mural painting theme. I wonder how the helpers are chosen and how many images they will be painting. Does she have a guide to help her paint the murals (like the grid system for the world maps)? Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: Satin should also include the ages of the people who are helping her. It is great to know that she was able to find an extra source of funding for the project. Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: I agree that this is different from the normal murals. I agree with your concerns also. If he can answer the questions, I recommend funding too. Again avoid franglais ex. Sensibilisations = awareness-raising campaigns

GAD Coordinator UPDATE: Spoke with Satin. She will send ages of helpers with her closing report. They are painting a whole paillote, she’s not sure how many images they will use. I suggested she talk with weihow about creating a grid for images – he did that for his environmental mural. She got the images from the IRC and the health Boite des images, so I’m glad to see that she is making use of PC resources. Approved funding and handed her a check.

Closing Report

Brief Project Description:

With the help of local women and my colleagues at the health center, we created a health mural on the pavilion which showcased carious topics on healthy living. We focused on hand washing, vaccinations for infants and pregnant women, force feeding, covering foods, drinking and washing with unclean water, and the three local food groups.

Dates of Project: September 12 – October 19th 2009
Number of People Involved:
5 women all 21 and older
2 men 25 and 30 years old
2 girls 8 and 13 years old
1 boy 11 years old

**Goals of Project:*

To provide the people of Takon and nearby villages information on how to better their health in a way all can understand and comprehend. Visuals tend to be very useful, particularly in an area where most are illiterate. We provided Takon with health formations on all of the topics we were going to place on the mural before it was started. During and after completion, tours of the mural were down to explain how to better health. The objective at the end of the project was to heave the people of Takon and nearby villages be able to explain the mural to their friends, family and neighbors and transfer that knowledge into the home.

The goals were met. We even saw people bring mothers to the mural to show that force feeding is a dangerous to their children, and explained which foods are healthy and why based off the images.

Strengths of Project: The people of Takon continue to visit the mural repeatedly and are spreading the importance of healthy living more so than before. It also has made the health center much more inviting to the sick. Also the project was well supported by the staff of the health center and Pere Serge, the Priest of the Monastery of Toffo. He contributed money for any costs that were under budgeted.
Challenges of Project: It was a much bigger project than imagined. I expected it to take two weeks however it ended up taking over a month to complete. Also, it was difficult at first to get women motivated to help out with the project because they underestimated their talents. A quarter of the way through the project, women started seeing how nice the images started to come out and wanted to participate afterwards.


Item Number Cost
Pots peinture blanche 2 16.000 CFA
Pentures astrel 3 2.400 CFA
Rouleau 1 2.500 CFA
Rouleau petit 1 1.500 CFA
Peinseau à écrit 6 1.200 CFA
teinte 1 3.500 CFA
tente 1 3.500 CFA
peinseaux 7 2.100 CFA
Peinture astrel 3 2.400 CFA
règle 1 1.700 CFA
marqueurs 2 800 CFA
Demi verni 1 1.500 CFA
Total Cost 39.100 CFA
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