Lokossa July 2008

Post: Lokossa
Pick up Location: Cotonou
Project Description: Over the past year and a half, I have been asking for book donations from my friends and family in the United States, as well as from the International Fund for Education and Self Help (IFESH) and the French Cultural Center of Cotonou, Benin. So far I have received over 150 books and about 150,000cfa to purchase books. These books will be given to the school where I teach, Collège d’Enseignment General III de Lokossa (CEG3 Lokossa), in order to start a resource library for teachers and students. This library will contain resource books for every subject that is taught at CEG3 Lokossa, as well as other miscellaneous texts and novels. At CEG3 Lokossa there is a great need for resources, as I am sure there is at many other schools in Benin. The majority of students at this school do not have the funds available to them to purchase books for their classes. They rely solely on the teacher for information. If they do not understand or if their interest surpasses what is taught in class, there is no way for the student to further research the subject. This resource library will give students the opportunity to better their education and succeed at school.

To ensure that these books are organized and well-kept, we will need to build more bookshelves. The school administration would like to build four quality bookshelves, but they do not have sufficient funds. They have already found a charpenter and negotiated for the price of one bookshelf at 21,000cfa. The carpenter has already made one bookshelf as a sample of his work and this appears to be of good quality. It took this carpenter one week to make this bookshelf.

CEG3 Lokossa would like to have the bookshelves built by the end of July or beginning of August. If the carpenter has already made one bookshelf in one week, then I believe it will take him three weeks to complete the remaining three bookshelves.

Number of People Involved: There are currently 1000 students attending CEG3 Lokossa. There are 24 teachers who currently teach at this establishment. The administration is made up of four people, the Headmistress, Accountant and two vice-principals (censeur and serveillant). All of the people mentioned could benefit from this resource library.
Dates of Project: not specified
Number of People Involved: see above

Item Number Cost
Bookshelf 4 84.000
Total 84.000

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: Sounds like a great project. Recommend funding.

GAD Finance: Recommend Funding. Fantastic project. I think this is a model of how project descriptions should be written as it is clear, detailed, and with a lot of important information. I also appreciate how the project has used funding from many different sources.

GAD Specialist: Great project too. Can we put this in the next Kokoko even though we have the EnChemin too. Repetition is an art the teacher uses to communicate. What do you think, ladies?

Closing Report

Post: Lokossa
Dates of Project: July 15 to August 14, 2008
Project Description: The GSP funds that I received helped to pay for four bookshelves for the new library at the CEG3 Lokossa. This new library was in need of bookshelves due to the fact that the school received donations of over 200 books.
Number of People Involved: There were two organizers in this project: myself and the principal of the CEG3 Lokossa. There are 1000 students and 24 teachers who will benefit from this resource library.
What were the goals/objectives of this project? The goal of this project was to build a resource library at CEG3 Lokossa that contained books for every subject taught at this school. This would allow students to further their education with individual study. It would also give the teachers more resources (visual aides, texts, etc.) with which they can plan and teach their lessons.
Were these goals/objectives met? Yes. There is now a resource library at CEG3 Lokossa, containing books for every subject.
What were the strengths of this project? One strength of this project is that it was fairly simple to plan and complete. It did not involve many variables or elements that could be problematic. It is also a project that will continue to help everyone at this school well after the Peace Corps Volunteer has left.
What were the weaknesses/challenges of this project? The main weakness of this project is that it will need continued support and care. The school does not have a librarian at this time so the care and organization of the library will be the responsibility of the principal of the CEG3 Lokossa. She may find it difficult to balance this responsibility with that of her role as principal. The school will also need to continually update and increase the library as the curricula and subjects that are taught at the school change and improve.
Do you consider this project completed? Yes

Item Number Cost
Bookshelf 4 84,000 CFA

Total Spent: 50,000 CFA

Note: Anastasia attached all receipts.

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