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Date(s) of project: April 23, 2012

Brief description of Project:

I’ve been working with a group of nuns who run a girls’ orphanage for the past year and a half. Specifically, I’ve been helping them with their garden by getting them in contact with an already established farmer, motivating the girls, and doing some of the gardening with them. The maintenance of the garden is done by the girls, who dig beds, plant seeds, transplant seedlings, and water the garden. Eleven girls consistently help in this maintenance and all eleven are enrolled in school. Their ages range from about seven to sixteen. The income generated from the garden is used, in part, to pay for the girls’ schooling.
Currently, it takes a team of four girls approximately ninety minutes each night to water the entire garden. The garden consists of 40 beds (totaling about 650 meters), of which only 28 are currently in use. Ideally, the garden should be watered in the morning and evening, but the time needed to water prohibits doing so twice a day. Because of the girls’ inability to use the garden to its full potential at present and the time it takes to water what is there, the sisters have requested financial aid in purchasing a gardening hose and the metal attachment nozzle to disperse the water.
With an improved irrigation system, a group of four girls will spend only thirty minutes (estimated) watering all 40 beds. With the time saved each night, the girls will be able to use the currently un-used beds for more vegetable production, thus increasing the profits from the garden and allowing the nuns to better provide for the girls in terms of their education, nutrition, and lodging. Furthermore, with less time needed at each watering, the girls will be able to meet the ideal of watering twice a day, leading to an increase in vegetable yields and a corresponding increase in profits.
The sisters have agreed to contribute to the project by purchasing the wood that will hold up the hose while the girls are watering so that it does not drag on the ground and crush the plants. They will also pay for 12 meters of gardening hose. The cost of the wood and the hose adds up to a contribution of 20.000 cfa from the sisters. The sisters are also in contact with a local farmer who has already visited them twice to advise them with their garden. He has agreed to continue to act as an advisor, without charge, and will serve as a contact in case there are any maintenance issues in the future with the hose or attachments. With the investment of 50.000 for GAD, the sisters and girls will be able to improve a garden that they have already put a lot of work into. With this one-time cost, they will be able to increase the income they are receiving from the garden for many years to come and continuously support many girls’ education.

Number of people involved:

Eleven girls who care for the garden are involved. They will use the new hose and attachments when they water the garden twice a day. They will be affected because the new system will significantly lessen the time they need to spend on watering and free them to expand and better care for the garden, which will in turn generate more income to better support them in school.
Three sisters who work at the orphanage will also be involved. They are responsible for the installation of the new hose and for watching over the work of the girls. They will be affected by the increased income generated from the garden in that they will be able to provide more for the girls in term of school supplies, food, and lodging.
One farmer (male, about 30) will also be involved. He has agreed to give his services free of charge. His involvement takes the form of advisor, as he helps the sisters to find the best techniques for the maintenance of their garden.

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 4
Men over 24 1
Girls 15-24 11
Boys 15-24
Girls under 15
Boys under 15


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Garden hose 28 meters 1.500 42.000
Metal nozzle 2 nozzles 4.000 8.000
Total 50.000

Amount Requested: 50.000

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