Ko June 2009

Name: Melissa Ko
Post: Gomparou

Brief Project Description:

After completing the World Map at CEG Gomparou, I wanted to make it easier for volunteers in the Alibori to do the project. To promote the project in the Alibori, I have created a new manual to be kept at the Kandi workstation so that volunteers no longer have to use the manual found at the Parakou workstation. I made photocopies of the world map grid, color coded and labeled the countries, and laminated the photocopies.

Date of Project: June 4, 2009
Number of People Involved: I was the only one involved in the project, but it will affect all volunteers and their communities that decide to do the World Map Project in the future.

Item Number Cost
Plastifications 18 17.400 CFA
Total Cost 17.400 CFA

Amount Requested: 17.400 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Good idea. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: I think this does sound like a good project. It would have fun been nice if she could have done this with a host country national, but I would still recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: recommend funding

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