Kmurray May 2011

Activity Report

Name: Katherine Murray
Post: Lissezoun
Date(s) of Project: Ongoing since May 2010

Brief Description of Project:

The local orphanage under construction by the ONG with which I work, Enagnon Dandan, has commenced activities with the children and young adults who will benefit from the institution. The goals for the gardening efforts are: to enhance the diet of the boys and girls who would otherwise not receive the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables, enable them with new skills in this agricultural arena, and sell any surplus for profit to help support the orphanage and, thus, the boys and girls. Unfortunately, despite an admirable start since last year, the orphanage has been suffering from a lack of usable, quality seeds. This GSP funding went toward seed purchase to help secure the future of the gardening effort.

Number of People Involved:

# of
Service Providers (work partners, project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 0
Men over 24 4 Work partners, technicians
Girls 15-24 10
Boys 15-24 9
Girls under 15 8
Boys under 15 15

What Were the Goals/Objectives of This Project?

The objective of this project was to supply the orphanage with usable, quality seeds to help develop the gardening effort.

Were Those Goals/Objectives Met (please explain)?

The objective to provide the orphanage with seeds was met. Unfortunately, my imminent departure prevents me from knowing how well they utilized them.

What Were the Strengths of This Project?

The strengths of the project include: the motivation of orphanage work partners, the effort made in the past year, and the knowledge of participants in the field about gardening.

What Were the Challenges/Weaknesses of This Project?

The weaknesses of the project include: my imminent departure preventing me from overseeing the future of the project.

Do You Consider This Project Completed (Please explain):

YES. I’d consider the project completed because I have equipped the orphanage with the seeds and they have begun planting and maintaining them.


Item Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
Carrots 1 6.625 6.625
Cabbage 1 12.500 12.500
Onion 1 7.000 7.000
Zucchini 1 2.975 2.975
Cucumber 1 4.500 4.500
Eggplant 1 7.500 7.500
Lettuce 1 6.250 6.250
Hot Pepper 2 800 1.600
Tomato 2 475 950
Total 49.900

Total Cost: 49.900 CFA

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