Kershner Puzey Mulero February 2009

Name: Heidi Kershner, Catherine Puzey, Rut Mulero
Post: Komde, Badjoude, Madjaton
Date Submitted:
Contact Information: Please call Heidi on Moov (95 09 47 45) or call Catherine on MTN (97 90 19 62) or Moov (95 31 15 91)
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: On the border of Togo in the northwest corner of the Donga is the commune of Ouake, home to 47,000 people. This commune encompassing six arrondissements hopes to host for this year's International Women's Day an event both celebrating as well as informing the women of Ouake. Spread over two days, the event will open on Saturday March 7th with a debate and panel discussion focusing on sexual health issues and what to expect when you are expecting for first-time mothers. The next day, Sunday March 8th, will include a community march ending at the Mayor's office and an afternoon women's soccer match. The money from this grant will fund the refreshments for the first day and some of the transportation costs for busing in women from the farther regions of the commune to Ouake on the second day. The remaining costs will be met by collaborating efforts of the Ouake Mayor's Office, the Center for Social Promotion, and other community contributors. The primary organization behind the event is a women's group active in the commune.
Dates of Project: March 7-8, 2009
Number of People Involved: 250 people will be participating including 3 PCVs (female), 15 women from the women's group, several representatives from the Mayor's Office and the Center for Social Promotion as organizers. The remaining 225 participants will include two soccer teams and women from Ouake itself as well as the surrounding five arrondissements.

Item Number Cost
Transportation (semere-ouake-semere and/or madjatom-ouake-madjatom) 1 x 25,000 each 25,000
Sandwiches (which includes bread, 2 kilos of fish, onions, garlic, oil, and paper for wrapping) 50 x 250 each 12,500
Beesap 50 x 50 each 2,500
Total 40,000 CFA

Amount Requested: 40,000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: I am happy to see such a significant level of community contribution and organizational responsibility in this project. The budget, however, is a little unclear. Specifically, I do not understand what they are doing with their transportation funds. Also, I assume that the 50 sandwiches will be feeding the organizers and representatives from the Mayor's Office and CPS? I recommend funding this project after receiving further clarification of the budget.

GAD Finance: This is a really great project and well organized. I too am really confused on transportation costs, but i assume that is to rent a bus to take the women around. Also a clarification on refreshments would be helpful. I enthusiastically recommend funding if these are clarified as well.

GAD Specialist: I agree with both of you. More clarification is needed, after which project can be funded.

GAD Coordinator Update: Received an email from Kate with clarifications. She stated that the food is for invitees, and details about transport are below. Approved funding.
For the March 8 Women's Day proposal, more detail on the transpot fee is as follows: the morning of the fete, two mini-buses will be contracted for 25,000 cfa (aller-retour) to pick up women from surrounding villages and bring them to Ouake, the commune capitol. They will be returned at the end of the day. Specifically, we wanted this funding to go towards the bus that will pick up ladies from Madjatom, Tchalinga, and Badjoude (ie Rut and my side of the commune).

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