Kandi 2011

Girls of the Future "Camp Filles d’Avenir"

Girls’ or Boys’ Camp?: Girls

Dates of Camp: July 11-16, 2011

Location (town and venue used): Kandi, Foyer des Jeunes Filles aka Chez les Soeurs

Participating villages/towns: Gogounou, Sori, Kassakou, Kandi, Banikoara, Founougou

Size (number of campers): 24 girls, 4 tutrices

Grade Level of Campers: 6eme, 5eme, 4eme

Did this Camp use Junior Counselors and/or Tutrices?: 4 tutrices, and this year due to one girl dropping out, we invited a junior counselor

Overnight or day camp?: Overnight

Theme of Camp: Everyone together for the advancement of girls.

Partner Organizations and HCN guests (i.e.: This camp partnered with Victory Way for a sexual harassment session and included visits from a sage femme, the mayor, and Director of local CEG) :

We collaborated with the Centre de Promotion Sociale. For guest speakers we had:
• Aissatou from BETHESDA (Waste Management)
• Issa Somounou-Founougou, director of primary school (Importance of Education)
• Carmine-Belgian medical student (Diarrhea)
• Djima Mama-CPS Kandi (Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence)
• Gogounou Amour & Vie Team- (HIV/AIDS)
• Mr. Baobab (Entrepreneurial Skills/Baobab Production)
• Doctor Sodjinou-Kandi (Questions with the Doctor)
• Sage Femme of Gogounou (Model Women)
• Rose-Kandi, professor and UNDP worker (Model Women)
• Inoussa Guinin Asso – Kandi, radio director (Visit to Radio)
• Amadou, - Kandi, Junior Reporter (Rights of Children)
• Karim Bouraima Abdoul – Kandi, NGO Tech Child (Informatique)

Description of activities (Please include main topics discussed):

The sessions above plus: Nutrition, Sexual Health, How to Learn Better, Moringa, Hygiene, Physical Fitness, Malaria, Geography, Theater

Describe successes of project:

The girls were able to learn about so many varied topics. Hopefully their eyes were opened to how important it is to continue one’s education and potential careers that are available to them in the future.

Describe any lessons learned through the implementation of project:

Be flexible. Guest speakers do not always hold their appointments or they may be prohibited due to the weather so work around it because having HCNs present has its benefits. First, they understand the system, the way the girls learn best, and so on.

Please include any other pertinent logistical information for those attempting to re-create a similar camp:

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