Kadzik June 2009

Name: Melissa Kadzik
Post: Lissezoun, Zou
Contact: or moc.liamg|kizdakassilem#moc.liamg|kizdakassilem

Brief Project Description:

Moringa Day activities that will include education sessions regarding nutritional needs of children, pregnant women, the elderly and ill, as well as how Moringa can help meet these nutritional needs. There will also be cooking demonstrations to ensure that the population does not lose the nutritional benefits of Moringa through improper preparation methods and a chance for the population to taste sauces and porridges made with Moringa powder and leaves.

Finally, everyone will be invited to tour the newly planted Moringa fields in Lissezoun and the Moringa drying and transformation center. The women’s group in charge of the drying and transformation process will be demonstrating the steps necessary to thoroughly clean, dry and transform the leaves and will be available to answer any questions.

Dates of Project: July 9, 2009
Number of People Involved:
Representative from Mayor’s Office
Directors of local schools (20)
Community Health Workers (10)
Village Chiefs (3)
Representatives of other local NGOs (SAFI) and international NGOs (Plan Benin, Technical Cooperation of Belgium)
The above invitees will follow the nutritional education session, as well as, a planting demonstration and will each receive young plants to begin their own gardens at their respective work sites (ie Mayor’s office, schools, health centers).

The population of the villages of Lissezoun, Lele and Gnidjazoun will also be invited to follow the nutritional education sessions and cooking demonstrations. We expect at least 250 people to attend, as the Mayor’s Office has agreed to help publicize the event through the local radio and television station and my NGO is hiring a traditional music group to perform before the sessions begin.

Item Number Unit Price Cost
Sound System 1 10.000 CFA 10.000 CFA
Tent 1 5.000 CFA 5.000 CFA
Drinks for Invited Guests 15 600 CFA 9.000 CFA
Lunch for Invited Guests 15 1.500 CFA 22.500 CFA
Printing of Invitations 15 150 CFA 2.250 CFA
Photocopying Documentation for Invited Guests 150 (10 pages/person) 10 CFA 1.500 CFA
Total Cost 50.250 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA
Note: The NGO will cover the extra 250 CFA plus a traditional music group and T-shirts.


GAD Coordinator: This sounds like a good project, but I wish that we had more specific information about the gender breakdown of participants . Otherwise, I think it looks good. Recommend funding provided Mel provides additional information.
GAD Finance: I agree. I think this is very thoroughly written and well done. A gender breakdown would be helpful.
GAD Specialist: Recommend funding too if additional information is given.

GAD Coordinator Update: Called Mel; she didn’t have the gender breakdown at hand but agreed to send it with her closing report.

Closing Report

Brief Project Description:

Moringa Day education sessions included information on the nutritional needs of children, pregnant women, the elderly and ill, as well as how Moringa can help meet these nutritional needs and how to properly prepare Moringa so that the nutritional value is not lost. Other local officials including a representative from the Mayor’s office and the Zone Doctor spoke also spoke on the importance of proper nutrition and encouraged women to use Moringa powder. Additionally, the women’s group in charge of the drying and transformation process, demonstrated the steps necessary to thoroughly clean, dry and transform the leaves into a powder.

A traditional music group performed before, during and after the event, including a song written for the event on the importance of good eating habits and the benefits of Moringa.

Dates of Project: July 9, 2009
Number of People Involved:

Adults Youth
Men 59 9
Women 67 16

Children accompanying their parents: 51

Goals of Project: The goal of the project was to increase the health workers and general population’s awareness of the availability of Moringa and its nutritional benefits and to encourage them to begin using Moringa to prevent malnutrition and anemia in at risk populations such as children, pregnant women, the elderly and ill.

The goals were met. A representative from the Mayor’s office, the head doctor for the zone hospital, representatives of the centre social, health agents from two private health centers in Bohicon and 7 local NGOs were represented at the event. Sales of Moringa powder have increased in the 10 days since the event, demonstrating the populations’ interest and willingness to try Moringa powder.

Furthermore, six other Peace Corps volunteers also came and talked about their Moringa activities in their villages and made useful contacts with my NGO and other interested parties in order to strengthen the Moringa network in Benin.
Strengths of Project: The support and representation received from local authorities including the Mayor’s office and health centers was greater than expected and gave the project publicity that I did not expect. Additionally, the Mayor’s office sent local radio and television reporters to cover the event, which ensured that a larger population was reached with the messages from our event.
Challenges of Project: I hoped to have a cooking demonstration and samples of meals prepared with Moringa for the attendees to taste, but unfortunately the women who agreed to prepare it did not show up. It can be difficult to convince people who have very little extra money to purchase a new product that they have not had the chance to test. For this reason I had hoped to provide free small samples of porridge and a local tomato sauce with Moringa powder, but unfortunately this did not happen.


Item Number Cost
Chicken 10 kg 20.250 CFA
Ice 2 2.000 CFA
Drinks 2 cases sodas, 2 cases water 10.600 CFA
Tent 1 5.000 CFA
Sound System 1 10.000 CFA
Photocopying – Documentation and Program 150 pgs 3.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

** In the original proposal, the reception was budgeted for 15 people. The size of the reception doubled, therefore GAD paid for the chicken for everyone, while the NGO covered the cost of rice and sauce for everyone. In terms of beverages GAD paid for sodas and water while the NGO covered the cost of beer.

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