Johnson May 2008

Name: Chanti Johnson
Post: Parakou
Date Submitted:
Contact Information: Parakou Workstation
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: There will be a child trafficking concert at the University of Parakou. Local artists and students will write original songs, comedy sketches, create art pieces, recite poetry, choreograph dances, etc all in an effort to create awareness and to speak out against child trafficking. We are also asking for a representative from UNICEF to attend and speak on behalf of the subject. The artists that are singing, rapping, or reciting poetry will submit the lyrics of their pieces to assure that there are no political messages. We will also have a journalist from ORTB volunteering his time to MC the event.
Dates of Project: May 17, 2008
Number of People Involved: 80+ people

Item Number Cost
Sound System 1 30.000
Banner 2 5.000
T-Shirts 15 15.000
Total 50.000


GAD Coordinator Comments: This sounds like a very interesting event. Before giving my ok, however, I would need approval from Maria, considering that this project does skirt around a hot political issue in Benin.

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