Hong May 2008

Name: Jin Hong
Post: Tanguieta
Date Submitted:
Contact Information:
Pick up Location: Cotonou
Project Description: food and water for inviting the Materi girls’ soccer team to Tanguieta on women’s day
Dates of Project: Saturday, March 8, 2008
Number of People Involved: 1,000 spectators, 40 girl soccer players. match organizers 15

Item Number Cost
Sandwiches 30 7.500
Water 56 1.400
Total 8.900


GAD Coordinator Comments: Again, I have some concerns about this project. Jin is asking for money for the same project as Nickie which is against the GSP guidelines. Also, the project description is not even a complete sentence. I do not recommend funding this at this time. but as I said above, I will inform Nickie and Jin as to why they are not being funded and maybe they can submit something when they get more organized.

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