Hoff June 2008

Name: Meagan Hoff
Post: Malanville
Date Submitted:
Contact Information:
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: The Girls Club at the Malanville high school want to do a tour of the local villages to discuss the importance of sending their children to school, and to encourage parents not to take part in the trafficking of children.
Dates of Project: July 13, 2008
Number of People Involved: 15 girls in the club, 1 PCV, 2 teachers, 2 NGO representatives

Item Number Cost
Transportation 2 Taxis 30.000
T-Shirts 20 20.000
Total 50.000

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: I think we need more information on this project before we can fund it, especially since it involves child-trafficking. Recommend that Megan resubmit with more details with emphasis on what the actual messages will be and also how the representatives from the NGOs will be involved in the activity.

GAD Financial Officer Comments: Agree with above comments; also, I think a project like this needs more planning – will Meagan be visiting these villages in advance to spread awareness and ensure that parents will have time to attend these sessions?

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