Hoff April 2009

Name: Meagan Hoff
Post: Malanville
Contact: 96 23 51 98
Pickup Location: Parakou
Brief Project Description: My local girls club wants to begin working in the community. The
girls want to do mud stove demonstrations and a bake sale. During the upcoming cultural days at the high school the girls club will build a mud stove which can be used to cook, and demonstrations about the construction of mud stoves will be done throughout the 3 days. The
girls also plan to cook on a mud stove which will be built in advance to demonstrate the advantages of mud stoves in the home. To best represent their clubs identity the girls want to have t-shirts to wear while doing the introduction of the club and demonstrations. A large
majority of the girls in the club are Muslim so they want to also have head scarves stamped with the girls club logo so that they can show their pride in their religion as well as represent the girls club while doing other activities.

Dates of Project: April 30 to May 2, 2009
Number of People Involved: 15 girls (ages 15-18), 2 teachers (1 male, 1 female), 1 Peace Corps Volunteer; approximately 500 students will see the mud stove demonstrations.

Item Number Cost
T-shirts 20 20.000
Head scarves 20 10.000
Girls club logo for scarves 20 10.000
Cake pans 2 7.000
Flour 2 kilos 1.000
Sugar 2 kilos 200
Baking powder 1 can 500
Vanilla 1 bottle 400
Eggs 8 800
Plastic bags 4 packages 100
Total 50,000


GAD Coordinator Comments: Sounds like a great project. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance Comments: Sounds great. Recommend Funding.
GAD Staff Comments: Hi, Ladies. After reading through the proposals and reading your comments and because I'm pressed for time to respond to each, I'll give an overall feedback. I notice that Volunteers are increasingly taking the time to research and write very good projects. This makes our jobs easier. Please go ahead and fund them.

Closing Report

Brief Description of Project: Presentation of girls club to the town accompanied by a sale of goods including baked goods and recycled products made by the girls.

Number of People Involved and Age Range: 15 girls ages 15-18, 1 male professor and 1 female professor

What Were the Goals/Objectives of This Project? Girls learned how to construct and cook using mud stoves fabricated with local materials. Girls learned new recycling techniques by fabricating purses using trash collected from town, which girls then sold along with cakes to earn money for next year’s club. Girls participated in high school culture days, presenting theater skits about sending daughters to school and nutrition.

Were Those Goals/Objectives Met? Yes

What Were the Strengths of This Project? Girls had the opportunity to present their skills and knowledge to classmates. Girls learned how to budget and manage money.

What Were the Challenges/Weaknesses of This Project? I will not get to follow up on the club and finances during the next school year.

Do You Consider This Project Completed? Yes


Item Number Cost
Flour 2 kilos 900 CFA
Sugar 2 kilos 200 CFA
Milk Powder 1 bag 1,500 CFA
Eggs 6 600 CFA
Mangos 3 500 CFA
T-shirts 20 20,000 CFA
Head Scarves 16 8,000 CFA
Total 31,700 CFA
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