Herby December 2009

Name: Christoph Herby
Post: Goumori

Brief Project Description:

Following the successful GAD project that established a moringa plantation in Goumori, this project served to educate the medical officials in the village about the health benefits and distribution strategies for moringa powder. Davide Ogoudadja was invited to lead the workshop and share his successful strategy for distributing Moringa in the commune of Perere. Ougoudadja is the president of GARPE-ONG (Groupe d’Action et de Recherche pour la Promotion de l’Enfance). The workshop emphasized the importance of educating patients on appropriate implementation of moringa for malnourished infants and pregnant/nursing women. The workshop was well attended with representatives from every health organization in the village. In addition to the presentation and discussion during the workshop, participants were given flyers and documents explaining the nutritional value of moringa powder. Following the workshop, the moringa plantation initiated distribution via pharmacies, private health clinics, and the community health center. Although only three of the twenty-one workshop participants were women, the indirect beneficiaries will largely be women and children of the village. While moringa powder can enrich any diet, the health officials were particularly encouraged to prescribe powder for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and malnourished children.

Dates of Project: November 21, 2009
Number of People Involved:

Workshop leader – male, age 35
Participants: health center director – 1 male, age 50
Health Center Assistants – 6 males, age 25-40
Nurses – 5 males age 25-40
Private Health Agents – 3 males age 40-50
Pharmacists – 2 males age 25-35
Midwives – 2 females age 30-50
Moringa Plantation Manager 1 female age 60

Total participation: 21 people (18 adult males, 3 adult females)


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Printing 2 350 CFA 700 CFA
Photocopy 49 25 CFA 1.225 CFA
Small sodas 21 300 CFA 6.300 CFA
Room rental 1 5.500 CFA 5.500 CFA
Photocopies 49 20 CFA 980 CFA
Transport 1 12.000 CFA 12.000 CFA
Total Cost 26.705 CFA

Amount Requested: 25.000 CFA


Project was successful, and participants were pleased to learnt he benefits of a plant they knew about but whose health implications were not understood in the village. If I were to do the project again, I would prepare completion certificates for participants. An important consideration for volunteers attempting similar projects is the value and efficacy of inviting an outside expert to lead the workshop even if they are qualified to discuss the topic. Health officials were more receptive to information from an invited guest than from a volunteer they see frequently.


GAD Coordinator: Great idea and good follow up to the previous project. I’m glad that he invited the expert and that it worked out well. Another interesting follow up would be to work with the 2 sage femmes that came to organize a workshop with influential women in the community to pass some of that knowledge into more women’s hands. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: I agree, I would like to see more women involved in the project. It is fun to see BAM progress! Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: I agree with both of you about suggestions. Recommend funding.

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