Guinagourou March 2012


Post: Guinagourou

Date(s) of project: April 19-20 2012

Brief description of Project:

I would like to purchase a manual respirator for the reviving of newborn infants for the maternity at the Guinagourou Centre de Sante. In the case of emergencies at the Guinagourou health center, an ambulance must be arranged to take the patient to the Sonon-Seru Hospital in Nikki. The ambulance must first travel thirty kilometers south from Perere, then sixty kilometers north to Nikki. I have been at the health center with an emergency case patient and waited nearly 6 hours for the ambulance, and in the best case, two and a half hours, for the ambulance to just arrive.
In the case of a complicated birth where the newborn infant is having difficulty breathing and clearing their airway, the infant often suffers and too often dies for it is usually too late to get the infant to the Nikki hospital given the time sensitivity of the situation. If a respirator were available at the maternity for the mid-wife or birth-attendant to use, more lives would be saved and bettered. In addition to the lives of the infants, the lives of the mothers would be bettered also, in a very direct way. Bereavement in Beninese society is not worn upon the sleeve, but it is still present and still a human struggle that women must face. To lessen that burden would be a meaningful pursuit.
Women conduct difficult lives within their villages and homes. With severe poverty being a common affliction in the village of Guinagourou and surrounding villages, the unanticipated expense of hospitalization plus transportation fees can cause serious detriment to the wellbeing of a household. Women are most often responsible for the expenses related to the education and health of children in the household. As a result, the health and welfare of the woman and her children are seriously compromised with the unexpected depletion in family funds. In addition, the mental health of the mother is endangered with the sorrow that comes with the death of a child. By having a manual respirator present at the maternity, these hardships can be decreased considerably.
Upon purchase and receipt of the manual respirator, all health center staff members, not just maternity staff, will be trained in proper use of the respirator. This reinforces women’s education efforts and capacity building sustainability components.
After selling subsidized mosquito nets last year, the Guinagourou health center was able to profit and will use a portion of those funds to make up for that which cannot be covered by the GAD small project grant.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 4 3
Men over 24
Girls 15-24
Boys 15-24
Girls under 15
Boys under 15


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Manual Respirator 1 58.000 58.000
Transport 1 5.000 5.000
Total 63.000
Health center contribution 1 13.000 13.000

Amount Requested: 50.000

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