Goumori November 2009


Post: Goumori
Dates of Project: 23-25 October 2009

Brief Project Description:

World Map Mural at the Goumori Primary School. Art contest determined 10 students who participate directly in mural painting.

The art contest wes held during school. Students had the choice to participate or not. 65 opted in (40 boys and 25 girls). I explained the grid system to them, an then we hung a map of Africa with grid lines on the wall. The students had about an hour to draw the whole thing, and then we collected papers. I judged the entries with the school director. We made sure to pick 5 boys and 5 girls. That afternoon we announced the contest winners and started work the next day.

Teachers were involved with facilitating the art contest and helping to explain directions. While we were painting, they helped with discipline (keeping the big crowd of spectators from taking over the painted area) and they helped keep an eye on the mural while the paint dried. The teachers also seemed to learn a lot from the map, because they asked tons of questions about the different countries as we filled them in.

Number of People Involved:

-5 girls aged 10-17 (contest winners, painting)
-5 boys aged 10-17 (contest winners, painting)
-25 girls aged 10-17 (art contest participants)
-40 boys aged 10-17 (art contest participants)
-5 adult males (school director and teachers)
-1 adult female (school teacher)
-3 PCVs: 2 male, 1 female

indirect beneficiaries:
-approximately 300 boys aged 10-17 and 135 girls aged 10-17 (students at the school who weren’t directly involved)
-the mural faces directly on the main road of Goumori, a community of 20,000 people
-numerous community members (at least 40) stopped by to observe during the painting process
-all countries and oceans were labeled; capitals of large countries were also included


Item Number Unit Price Cost
small brushes 4 200 CFA 800 CFA
large brushes 3 300 CFA 900 CFA
black paint (small) 1 900 CFA 900 CFA
white paint (small) 1 900 CFA 900 CFA
base paint (large) 1 12.000 CFA 12.000 CFA
scrub cloth 1 700 CFA 700 CFA
permanent markers 4 500 CFA 2.000 CFA
erasers 2 100 CFA 200 CFA
gasoline 1.5 liters 500 CFA
pencils 12 free
pencil sharpener 1 free
paint colorant misc free
fine point brushes 3 free
paint roller 1 free
Total Cost 18.900 CFA

Amount Requested: 18.900 CFA

‘Twas my first time doing a mural. Lots of fun, and the community got really involved. I found that it really improved the mural to add a black perimeter around the edges of the earth, to distinguish between ocean and the earth’s boundary. It looks sharp, and helps people understand what they’re looking at. See photo sent by email.

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