Forbes May 2009

Name: Aaron Forbes
Post: Agbangnizoun
Pick-up Location: Cotonou

Brief Project Description:

June 16th is the day of the African Child. NGOANDIA, CEFODEC (home for at-risk teenagers) and the Peace Corps volunteer want to celebrate this day in collaboration with Unseen Stories, an American documentary film crew. June 27th (proposed date) a group of Americans will come to AGBANGNIZOUN (the PCVs village), to show an animated film which discusses the issue of child trafficking. The showing of this film will be part of a day organized to celebrate African children.

Morning, a general assembly will be held at CEFODEC, a home for at-risk children, where the PCV works. This assembly will be open to all local children. A parade with a band of children musicians and a ‘griot’ will accompany the group to market and then to the Mayors office, to pay tribute to local authorities.

Afternoon, the gathering will take place at the GUEZO Royal Palace of AGBANGNIZOUN. Here, food and drink will be offered to the children attending. Children from CEFODEC will then perform dance, theater and music. A showing of the Unseen Stories film will follow.

The goals of this day are:

-celebrate the African child, with cultural activities;
-educate local villagers and authorities about the dangers of child trafficking;
-encourage local villagers to keep their children in school and to be responsible parents.

The GAD funding will cover the following:
-food and drink for children attending;
-a banner for the parade;
-a color ink cartridge for printing flyers and invitations for local CEG, youth center and authorities in Agbangnizoun and Abomey. Due to the high cost of color cartridges (13,000 cfa), NGO ANDIA will pay for half of the cost.

Date of Project: Saturday, June 27th, 2009 (proposed date)
Number of People Involved:
-1 PCV;
-8 work partners;
-Association HOUINDOMABOU (Cultural Association of the Guezo Palace, Agbangnizoun);
-the commune of Agbangnizoun and local authorities;
-invited guests, from Abomey.

Item Number Unit Price Cost
Food and drink for children attending 150 children 200 CFA 30.000 CFA
Parade banner 1 12.000 CFA 12.000 CFA
Ink cartridge ½ 13.000 CFA 6.500 CFA
Total Cost 48.500 CFA

Amount Requested: 48.500 CFA


GAD Coordinator: This sounds like a great project. I wish we had more specific information about the gender breakdown of the invited guests, work partners, association, local authorities, children, etc. Also, he does not list children in the number of people involved, unless the invited guests from Abomey are in fact all children, though that seems unlikely. Recommend funding assuming Aaron can first provide better information.
GAD Finance: Will the authorities be watching the film, and if not how will they get the message about child trafficking? Also, what language will the movie be shown in? Will it be in French, and if so, will a translator be on hand? If these points are clarified, recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: I agree with both of you. I suggest also, if possible, that the Volunteer and some of the association members and/or community members view the film first and make suggestions/brainstorm about how it should be presented, the language, aspects to be discussed after the viewing, etc.

GAD Coordinator Update: Called Aaron; he reported the following information:

Children at home will be providing music and performance: 19 boys, 16 girls
Caretakers: 2 women, 3 men, 1 male PCV
Organizer: 1 woman (leader) office team is 1 woman 2 men
Local authorities: Mayor’s office (unknown gender breakdown), village chief and staff (unknown breakdown), CPS leader (woman)
Abomey Authorities: Mayor, CPS, etc.; gender breakdown unknown
Children: will put up flyers at the CEG and ecole primaire, open to all kids in the village
First 150 who show up get food

Authorities and parents will be participating in the discussion of the film and watching the film (it’s not just for Children), and the film will be shown in Fon.

Funding Approved.

Closing Report

GAD funding, for CEFODEC (Centre dEducation, de Formation, et de Developpement Communautaire) event.
Follow-up Report
Aaron Forbes-EA PSL 21

The PCV Aaron Forbes works with CEFODEC (Centre dEducation, de Formation et de Developpement Communautaire). This Center is home to some 35 at-risk youth, from the Abomey region. Here they receive food, lodging, a basic education, apprenticeships, training in agricultural activities and animal husbandry, as well as training in cultural activities. July 4th marked the end of the school year for CEFODECs children and so a party was held to celebrate the past year and its accomplishments.

The 35 children, their family members, CEFODEC and ONG ANDIA team members, the American film crew Unseen Stories, and local authorities attended the event. The day began with the announcement of the names of the CEFODEC children who have been accepted into the CEG for the next school year. This was followed by speeches by the director of CEFODEC, plus local authorities. The children of CEFODEC as well as an Abomey-based theatre troope presented theatre pieces for their audience. In the afternoon a reception was held and followed by the screening of ‘Unseen Stories’, a short animated film documenting the stories of trafficked children. This served again as an opportunity to speak about childrens rights and the work CEFODEC does to protect these rights. The day ended with a tour of the Center, the inauguration of the new classroom and apprentice workshops, and a meeting with the attending family members of the CEFODEC children.

The funding ( 48,500 cfa) was used to help pay for food, ice and drinks for the 35 children, the CEFODEC and ANDIA team members, as well as invited guests.


GAD Coordinator Update: (E-mail from Aaron)
head count on july 4 fete.
girls: 16
boys: 19
women: 25

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