Forbes March 2008

Name: Aaron Forbes
Post: Amouloko
Date Submitted:
Contact Information: 97918290
Pick up Location: Cotonou
Project Description: NGO LA SOLIDARITE Orphanage Garden. The President ASSOGBA Benoit has taken charge of 50 orphaned children, from the KATAGON area. We are presently planning the construction of an orphanage. In an attempt to help improve the children’s diet and to help lower costs for the NGO, we have begun to prepare a piece of land for a children’s garden. This project was initiated by myself and the president of my NGO. Both the president and myself have already provided the wood for the fencing with our own money but to be able to complete the project we will need additional funding. The president and I have been working together with the children on preparations. Once tools are received, this project will be able to continue for years to come.
Dates of Project: April 2008 - Future
Number of People Involved: 50 orphaned children

Item Number Cost
Bamboo Mats (for enclosure) 55 x 250 CFA 13.750
Palm Mats (for enclosure) 55 x 100 CFA 5.500
Hoe 2 x 1.000 CFA 2.000
Machete 2 x 1.500CFA 3.000
Watering Can 2 x 2.500 CFA 5.000
Garden Rake 2 x 2.000 CFA 4.000
Water Bucket 2 x 2.500 CFA 5.000
Seeds / Legumes To be determined 5.000
Metal Wire (for enclosure) 1 x 3.000 CFA 3.000
Labor 2 x 1.500 CFA 3.000
Total 49.250

Amount Requested: 49.250 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: Recommend funding.

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