Dunkassa July 2011


Post: Dunkassa

Date(s) of project: 5 days

Brief description of Project:

The commune of Kalale, like many other places in Benin, has had a history of issues with violence against women. Lately there have been a few cases so bad that they have made their way to the attention of the CPS in Kalale. The issue of violence against women, mainly domestic violence, has become a hot topic within the area and the CPS wants to create a program to better educate the community about how dangerous this behavior is.
The plan for this project is to visit and have classes about violence against women at eight different villages within the commune. The villages were chosen based on need. The CPS went through the commune and chose the villages that have had the worst cases of violence against women or were it is most prevalent. The eight villages are Wenougourou, Krikobe, Peonga, Wonko, Wobadgye, Dadi, Kourel, and Bessassi-Gando that will all be visited over a five-day period.
There will be a team of five people that would travel to each of the villages and give the presentation to the community officials. The team includes the CPS, the Chef de Arrondesment of Kalale, a female nurse from the Centre de Sante (translates Bariba), another official from Kalale (translates Fulfulde), and the Peace Corps volunteer from Dunkassa. The presentation given to the villages will focus mainly on domestic violence against women. It will discuss the causes and consequences of domestic violence along with having a question and answer session at the end.
The goal of this project is to start a discussion about violence against women within the commune and educate people about how large of a problem is actually is. It will also educate the community about the legal ramifications of domestic violence and victims’ rights in Benin. The CPS has done projects such as this in the past and as a result the plan for this project is based heavily on his past experiences.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 1
Men over 24 3
Girls 15-24
Boys 15-24
Girls under 15
Boys under 15


Day of Tour Village(s) Km from Kalale
DAY 1 Wenougourou/Krikobe 74km
DAY 2 Peonga 30km
DAY 3 Wonko/Bessassi-Gando 44km
DAY 4 Wobadgye 40km
DAY 5 Dadi/Kourel 96km
Total 284km

There are five people traveling to each village on three motorcycles. Each motorcycle will use about five liters of gas per one hundred kilometers and one liter of oil per three hundred kilometers. The price of gas in Kalale is 300CFA per liter and the price of oil is 1,500CFA per liter. There is going to be 1,000CFA for food for each person budgeted for each of the five days of the tour.

Item Description Total Cost
Gas 3 motorcycles traveling 284km [3(15L)*300CFA] 13.500
Oil 3 motorcycles traveling 284km [3(1L)*1.500CFA] 4.500
Food (for five team members while in village) 5 people working for 5 days (1,000CFA per person each day) 25.000
Total 43.000

Amount Requested: 43.000

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