Dassa Zoume April 2011

Activity Report

Post: Dassa-Zoumé
Date(s) of Project: April 22, 2011

Brief Description of Project:

Twenty-five (25) soccer uniforms were provided to the CEG III girls club in Dassa-Zoumé to help facilitate future projects within the club and motivate the girls through further legitimatization of their club.

Number of People Involved:

Twenty-six girls, ages 12-14.

The Goals/Objectives of This Project:

The objective of this project was to provide soccer uniforms to the girls club at CEG III to be used for matches against other schools or for service projects in the community. The uniforms help to legitimize the girl’s club and will be an asset to the school for years to come.

To go along with the purchase of the twenty-five (25) uniforms, the school pledged 15.000 CFA for the lettering and numbering of the uniforms. This monetary donation will help to make the project more sustainable as the uniforms are a large source of pride for the school and will be looked after with diligence. As the school has taken part ownership of the uniforms, it has been stipulated that the uniforms may be used for all-school soccer matches against other secondary schools in the Dassa commune when the girls club is not in need of them.

Were Those Goals/Objectives Met:

The goals and objectives for this project were met as the girls club and the entire school can now benefit from the donation. The uniforms were not solely given to the school but were also paid for in small part by the school, therefore embodying ownership. The girls club is still the primary benefactor as they will be given privilege to the uniforms for various activities or events in town.

Providing soccer uniforms to the girls club will help to establish their operation and can work as a promotional tool by helping make the girls club attractive to new comers. With the soccer uniforms, they now have some status in the school as an established club, which will then lead to greater responsibility and leadership in the school.

Strengths of this Project

The strength of this project was providing soccer uniforms to a girls club and secondary school that would not otherwise have had the budget to finance them. With these soccer uniforms, the girls club and school can now find themselves on an equal footing with other secondary schools in the area. The girls club is at a unifying advantage to bring further promotion and gender awareness activities to their school as the uniforms have legitimized their union and will help to foster recruits and support from within the school and community. Beyond all advantages, it simply provides a way for the girls to participate in a sport oftentimes left to the other sex. For once, it is their voices being heard above those in a superfluous caste set before their own and the message I want them to take away from this is that women are just as equal to men and women can triumph, too.

Challenges/Weaknesses of this Project

Up to now, I have found no challenges with the project. A potential weakness could be that with the uniforms left in the hands of the school administrators, the girl’s needs could go overlooked. I do not anticipate this to be an issue though because the school director at CEG III is a female, and I worked very closely with her to organize my camp, Camp Succès de Tré (where the uniforms were unveiled). She has never opposed the rule stipulating that the uniforms are first and foremost for the girls club’s use, only after should they be allocated to other school usage. She is also a fierce combatant for women’s rights and could not have been more elated when I shared with her my idea for a girls camp/club at CEG III. If she can’t be entrusted to look after the uniforms in my absence, then who?

Final Budget

Item Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
Soccer Jersey 25 1.000 25.000
Soccer Short 25 1.000 25.000
Total 50.000 F

Total Cost: 50.000

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