Daly And Ko July 2009

Name: Kelly Daly and Melissa Ko
Post: Kandi and Gomparou
Contact: Kelly Daly ( and Melissa Ko (

Brief Project Description:

The primary objective of the two-week summer camp in Kandi was to teach English to students in the first cycle (6e, 5e, 4e and 3e). TEFL and SED volunteers taught English every day for two hours. Week 1 English teachers were Nora Kaitis, Angelina Hurst, Mae Lindsey, Sarah Steward and Lucy Osbourne; Week 2 English teachers were Kelly Daly, Rachel Carter, Alicia Charleston, Kyle Harrer, Kendra Heisner and Melissa Ko.

During the first week, EA volunteers led activities after English class. The EA volunteers were Diane Albrecht, Michael Chadsey and Weihow Hsue. They showed students how to make volcanoes and Fanmilk pouches, how to play UNO and Sudoku, and led a schoolyard clean-up session at the end of the week. Students came back in the afternoon to watch Planet Earth, play kickball and learn how to draw. During the second week, RCH volunteers held sessions on malaria, HIV/AIDS, nutrition and hygiene. The RCH volunteers were Betsy Boyd, Melissa Kadzik and Jenn Morgan.

Two Beninese teachers (DEMONDJI Richard and SALOMON Adolphe) also participated in the summer camp. They helped organize students, translate EA and RCH sessions, and observed English classes. PCVs shared materials and lesson plans with the HCNs.

Dates of Project: July 6-17, 2009
Number of People Involved: 17 PCVs (14 females, 3 males), 2 HCNs (2 males), and 127 students (56 females, 71 males).

Item Number Unit Price Cost
Notebooks 8 150 CFA 1.200 CFA
Blue pen 1 125 CFA 125 CFA
Erasers 4 50 CFA 200 CFA
Printing of documents 29 pages 200 CFA 5.800 CFA
Bag of candy 1 1.000 CFA 1.000 CFA
Sugar 1 kg 400 CFA 400 CFA
Bananas 400 CFA
Needles 50 6 CFA 300 CFA
Zippers 100 50 CFA 5.000 CFA
Thread 2 75 CFA 150 CFA
Toilet paper (pack of 10) 2 2.700 CFA 5.400 CFA
Total Cost 19.975 CFA

Amount Requested: 19.975 CFA


In general, the project was a great success, which was a direct result of the flexibility of PCVs and the collaboration of HCNs.

The community contributions permitted the low budget. The director of CEG 1 Kandi allowed us to use their classrooms, the mayor’s office let us borrow a projector free of charge, and the director of the radio station advertised the summer camp in French and various local languages for free. Other supplies and materials were either leftover from Camp G.L.O.W. Parakou or personal items brought by PCVs. Furthermore, PCVs paid for their own transportation to Kandi and stayed at the workstation.

Pre-registration of the students proved to be the most difficult aspect of the project. Kelly Daly went around to CEG 1, CEG 2 and CEG 3 in order to promote the summer camp during the school year. Unfortunately, she was not able to register students because most of them returned to their villages after the end of the school year. As a result, we registered students on the first day of camp and accepted new students up until the third day, which consequently led to large class sizes. In retrospect, it would have been easier to initially limit class sizes to 30-35 students per grade level. This would have solved discipline problems and issues with attendance early on. Additionally, it would have been easier to turn away students who tried to enroll in classes after the camp had already begun.


GAD Coordinator: This seems like it was a good project that brought together many PCVs and students. I was pleased to see that the community contributed in so many ways. I would have liked to see more HCN teachers involved but I’m glad that the materials will stay with these teachers for future use. Was there any selection criteria for the students or was anyone who signed up by the deadline able to participate? Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: The camp was open to all students in Kandi. It would be a good idea to have some sort of selection criteria for a similar future project so that there would consistently be 30-35 motivated and dedicated students coming for the entire camp. I really enjoyed doing this project with Kelly and I think everyone involved felt the same way. Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: I agree with both your comments. Anyway this is a reimbursement.

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