Daagbe July 2011


Post: Daagbe

Date(s) of project: August 1-14th

Brief description of Project:

World Map Project at CEG Daagbé

Out of the hundreds of students at our local CEG, very few are able to say much about the locations of countries outside of West Africa: some think that the U.S. is in Europe, or that Libya is next to China, and many have trouble recognizing countries like Argentina, Russia, and Korea.

A large world map painted on a cement wall in the CEG will allow students to access maps more regularly (as all maps for our History-Geography department are stored in the director’s office), and to learn about countries the world over. History-Geography teachers
will also be able to use the map for classes and class projects in the event that another teacher is already using the school’s paper world map. The map will be approximately 5.6 meters by 2.8 meters, and the countries and major bodies of water will be labeled in French.

The mural itself will be completed by a combination of volunteers, students, and professors. The professors have volunteered, most of
them from the English and History-Geography departments, . The students are 6 girls from sixieme and cinquieme who attended Camp GLOW in Porto Novo – all very strong students who will benefit from the completed map. The PCVs involved are both first and second year southern volunteers who are available to help.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 5 1
Men over 24 4 3
Girls 15-24
Boys 15-24
Girls under 15 6
Boys under 15


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Large paint 2 8.000 16.000
Medium paint 2 3.000 6.000
Small paint 3 2.000 6.000
Paintbrush (small) pack 1 2.000 2.000
Large paintbrushes 3 500 1.500
Gasoline (remover) 2 500 1.000
Erasers 10 100 1.000
Veneer 2 liters 1.500 3.000
Total 36.500

Amount Requested: 36.500

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