Cronin November 2009

Name: Katherine Cronin
Post: Sirarou

Brief Project Description:

Towards the end of the 2008-2009 academic year, I began to realize how little my CEG students knew about the Earth and nature outside of village. They knew nothing about mountains, snow or ice and knew no animals other than those in village. Due to the lack of electricity in Sirarou, most people can not even learn about the planet through television or films. How can students, both boys and girls, be expected to want to protect the Earth for future generations when they know nothing about it?

In order to address this problem, I held a series of 3 “movie nights” in which I projected the BBC’s Planet Earth series on the wall of the community building in the village center for all students and community members to come and watch and learn. The movies were shown in English with French subtitles thus doubling as an English language activity.

All three nights were a success with an average attendance of 700 people per night. After each film, I was approached by community members to discuss what they saw in the films. At school, I held discussions with students to discuss what they learned and the importance of protecting the planet for future generations. We talked about the dangers of pollution and what boys and girls can do to minimize it.

Number of People Involved:

Friday, October 16, 2009:
PCVs: 5
Village organizers: 1 woman, 3 men, 3 boys
Audience: 150 men, 250 boys, 50 women, 250 girls
TOTAL: 712 people

Friday, November 6, 2009:
PCVs: 4
Village organizers: 1 woman, 3 men, 5 boys, 1 girl
Audience: 150 men, 300 boys, 50 women, 300 girls
TOTAL: 813 people

Friday, November 13, 2009:
PCVs: 1
Village organizers: 1 woman, 2 men, 5 boys, 1 girl
Audience: 150 men, 350 boys, 25 women, 300 girls
TOTAL: 826 people


Item Cost
Cloth for movie screen 2.400 CFA
Tailor cost for sewing screen 500 CFA
Fuel for generator (4 liters) 1.600 CFA
Projector transport
October 16, 2009 4.000 CFA
November 6, 2009 5.000 CFA
November 14, 2009 1.000 CFA
Total Cost 14.500 CFA

Amount Requested: 14.500 CFA


GAD Coordinator: What a cool project idea! Sounds like it was well organized and effective. I would have liked to see more girls and women help to organize it, though. I would like to know the names of the PCVs involved and how the village community organizers were involved. Once she responds to those questions, recommend funding.
GAD Finance: I helped Katie at one of the movie nights. It was an amazing experience to be there! Even though the project may not necessarily be sustainable, it was obvious that watching Planet Earth opened the eyes of literally hundreds of people in Sirarou. Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: Good project. One more question: who is responsible for keeping the cloth for the screen in good condition?
Also recommend funding.

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