Come April 2012


Post: Comé

Date(s) of project: The project is tentatively scheduled for Saturday June 9th. This date is subject to change depending on availability of the students and approval of the principal at CEG1 Comé.

Brief description of Project:

To reward the students who regularly attend the English Club in Comé at CEG 1, I would like to go on a field trip with the students and professors who served as supervisors to the club. The date of the event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 9th. This is subject to change depending on when tests are for the students. The plan is to leave Saturday morning from Comé to Lokossa by taxi. First, we will meet with the English Club in Lokossa. One of the supervisors to the club in Comé has been in contact with the supervisor of the club in Lokossa to make sure the date works for both groups. The two English clubs are going to have a debate on gender equality and whether or not girls are given the same opportunities as boys in Benin. For the weeks leading up to the debate, the students will work on their arguments during the English Club meetings. The debate will be conducted in English along with some French. At the end of the debate, the English Professors and Peace Corps volunteer will discuss the importance of education, English language and students following their goals/dreams.
After the debate, the Comé English Club will eat at the restaurant of the sister of one of the English professors. Before lunch, the owner of the restaurant will discuss how she became the owner of the restaurant. Specifically, she will talk about the challenges faced being a female completing school and starting her own business. Students will be able to ask any questions that they may have. The cost of lunch will be 950 cfa a person and is described in detail under the budget portion of this application. The other English club will not be present at the lunch unless they pay for their own meal. If the English club from Lokossa isn’t at the lunch, the students from both clubs will have some free time available after the debate to meet and talk with each other. After lunch, the students will return back to Comé by taxi. At the next English Club the following Wednesday, we will discuss the field trip and what they learned. Once again, they will be able to ask any questions that they may have.
The students who will be invited on this Field Trip from Comé will be the ones who attended the most meetings throughout the year. Regularly, about 10-15 students attend each meeting on Wednesdays from 3-5pm at CEG1 Comé. The students will be required to take a permission slip home (signed by both the Peace Corps volunteer and Director of CEG1 Comé) and have it signed by one of their parents before being allowed to go to Lokossa for the event. The Peace Corps volunteer will make sure that at least 6 girls will be attending the Field trip.
If the activity goes well and the students enjoyed the event, the supervisors and Peace Corps volunteer will look for other English Clubs to have debates with. Overall, the Peace Corps volunteer hopes that all participants involved will have a greater appreciation for the English language, importance of school and different struggles boys/girls most go through to be successful.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 1
Men over 24 2
Girls 15-24 3
Boys 15-24 3
Girls under 15 3
Boys under 15 4


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Taxi from Comé to Lokossa 15 people 1.000 15,000
Taxi from Lokossa to Comé 15 people 1.000 15,000
Lunch (rice, cheese or fish, fried bananas and a drink) 15 people 950 14,250
Total 44.250

Amount Requested: 44.250

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