Chadsey January 2009

Name: Michael Chadsey
Post: Guene
Date Submitted:
Contact Information: 97455061
Pick up Location: Parakou
Project Description: An EA themed bike ride through 14 villages throughout the department of the Alibori, with a heavy emphasis on the health benefits of the Moringa tree and how to prepare meals with Moringa leaves to retain said health benefits. During the four days, three villages a day will be visited between Guéné, Karimama, Kompa, and Malanville. Community partners (100 women at Health Centres and 100 children at CEGs) will plant Moringa seeds provided by the PCVs. 50 women will be shown how to prepare meals with Moringa powder in Kompa and Karimama. In total 2100 people will be sensibilized on the subject of reforestation and the benefits of the Moringa tree.
Dates of Project: January 24 – 27, 2009
23rd-Volunteers and Beninese partners will arrive at Guene. (dinner in Guene).
24th- (breakfast in Guene). Leave Guene. Formations in Sakawan, Kargui (lunch in Kargui), Tondi Quaria. (dinner in Karimama).
25th- (breakfast in Karimama). Leave Karimama. Formations in Bani Kani, Kompanti, Kompa (lunch in Kompa). In Kompa the group will divide in to two teams: one staying in Kompa to do cooking demonstrations and one continuing onward to Dangazori to hold a formation. (dinner in Kompa).
26th- (breakfast in Kompa). Leave Kompa. Formations in Torioh, Koartatedji, Guro Beri, (lunch in Karimama), hold Karimama cooking session. (dinner at Karimama).
27th- (breakfast in Karimama). Leave Karimama. Formations in Birni Lafia, Tombutou, (lunch in Tombutou), Boudjekali, (dinner in Malanville).
Number of People Involved: 12 PCVs, 1 Translator, 2 Chase Vehicle Drivers; approximately 2,100 people will participate in training sessions, and approximately 50 women will learn how to cook with moringa.


Item Number Cost
Tee shirts 22 22.000 CFA
Meals 97 (3/day@250/meal) 24.250 CFA
Moringa Powder (200 g) 14 sacks 2.800 CFA
Moringa Seeds (100 count) 3 sacks 900 CFA
Meals 59 (3/day@250/meal) Community Donation
Chase Vehicle 2 Community Donation
Translator 1 Community Donation
Water (Litre) 350 Community Donation
Lodgings (Group/Night) 5 Community Donation
Meeting Place 14 Community Donation
Total 49.950 CFA

Amount Requested: 49.950 CFA


GAD Coordinator: I think this looks like a great project. The project description and schedule are succinct and indicate a well-planned project. Recommend funding.

GAD Finance: Looks great, far reaching, and well planned. Recommend Funding.

GAD Specialist: I agree with both of you.

Closing Report

Name: Michael Chadsey
Post: Guene
Dates of Project: Jan. 24-27, 2009
Brief Project Description: Environment-themed bike tour of the northern Alibori. Villages along the route where sensitized on the need and benefits of reforestation (for the men) as well as the health benefits and advantages of using Moringa in daily cooking activities (for the women). Proper preparation and production methods of Moringa powder were discussed. Finally, Morniga seeds and recycled sachets were given to children as they were taught the proper way to plant and care for a seedling.
Number of People Involved and Age Range: Men (18-70): 740; Women (18-70): 628; Children (5-13): 1589
What were the goals/objectives of this project? One goal of this project was to provide communities in northern Benin encouragement in positively effecting their environment by reforesting the areas in and around their village. To help jumpstart this activity seeds would be provided to engage the children in a fun, hands-on activity. Also, the proper way to produce and cook with Moringa powder was desired.
Were those goals/objectives met? Yes, every village was very enthusiastic and actively participated in the volunteer activities. Over 200 women were shown how to prepare porridge with Moringa powder and had the opportunity to try it for themselves. Over 300 trees were planted by village children.
What were the strengths of this project? Unlike HIV/AIDS or even Malaria formations, it seems that reforestation is not a heavily emphasized with the villages in northern Benin. Being able to approach the villagers with another useful message was refreshing. Another plus was the large amount of community support. The communes of Karimama and Malanville were very supportive and we utilized local translators in every village.
What were the weaknesses of this project? In larger towns people had an expectation that the group of foreigners were going to be giving them a lot of nice presents
Do you consider this project complete? Yes
Budget: Due to a large donation of funds from the communes, the majority of the GAD money will be returned to Parakou. Along with the money will be a reciept for the tee shirts used on the bike tour. This reciept was written out for 36 shirts and came to 70,000 CFA but only 19,950 CFA of GAD money was used for this purpose.

GAD Coordinator Update: Michael Chadsey deposited 30,000 CFA with the Parakou PCVL. Project closed.

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