Chace May 2009

Name: Sara Chace
Post: Ouedeme-Pedah
Pick-up Location: Cotonou

Brief Project Description:

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness about the benefits of moringa and combat erosion by planting 3,000 moringa trees in the greater district of Come for national tree day. June 1st is the national tree day in Benin and four volunteers from Ouedeme Pedah, Possotome, Grand-Popo and Dahe are working in conjunction with their individual villages to plant 500 or more moringa trees at each site. Volunteers are working with women’s groups, health centers and schools in their communities who expressed an interest in the benefits of moringa. Information session will be held with the involved parties and the general public on the benefits of moringa, the uses or moringa, and proper preparation of the leaves and powder. This is an important way for communities to link environmental issues, such as erosion and deforestation, with health issues. More over, this is an important opportunity for women to take charge and improve their health and health of their families. Last, for the women’s groups, this can turn into an opportunity for a small-enterprise project.
This proposal asks for the soil and plastic bags for the tree nurseries before the trees are planted between June 1 and the 15. Tree nurseries will be started in mid-May by the volunteers with an NGO PAZS-C in Come to ensure germination and healthy growth of the plants. Transport of the seeds and plants along with labour involved with planting the trees will be provided by the community.

Date(s) of Project: The project starts the 1st of May until the 20th of June.
Number of People Involved: The number of people involved includes four Peace Corps volunteers, three volunteers from PAZS-C in Come, and approximately 250 community members from each village.

Item Number Cost
Plastic bags for tree nusery 3.000 10.000 CFA
Soil 13.000 CFA
Total Cost 23.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 23.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Sounds like a fantastic project. I wish we had more information about the number of women's groups involved and their membership. Recommend funding if Sarah can provide additional information.
** GAD Finance:** Recommend funding provided Sarah can provide more info about the women’s groups.
GAD Specialist: I agree.

GAD Coordinator Update: Spoke with Sara on 19/05; she said that the 4 Volunteers are individually organizing the groups in their villages so she does not have all of the info for the other Volunteers. Sara will be working with 3 groups consisting of 46 women and 18 men. I asked her to put the information about the distribution of the other groups in her closing report. Sara agreed. Funding approved.

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