Castro March 2008

Name: Yesenia Castro
Post: Tayacou
Date Submitted:
Contact Information: moc.liamg|ortsac.ainesey#moc.liamg|ortsac.ainesey
Pick up Location: Cotonou
Project Description: Selected students from the environmental club in Tayacou will paint a world map on the wall of their new high school. A world map will also be done in Kolokonde. The maps will serve to help educate students about world geography.
Dates of Project: March 14-21
Number of People Involved: 2-4 PCVs, 1-2 teachers, 10-20 students

Item Number Cost
White Paint 1 7.000
Red, Yellow, Green, Blue Paints 1 each 16.000
Paint Brushes (small) 1 pack 1.000
Paint Brushes (large) 4 10.000
Box of Pencils 1 2.000
Box of Markers 1 5.000
Painter's Tape 2 rolls 3.000
Varnish 2 liters 3.000
Roller 1 3.000
Total 50.000


GAD Coordinator Comments: The price of doing two world maps seems a little expensive to me, but I don’t think I want to harp on it. Recommend funding.

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