Carter October 2009

Name: Lindsay Carter
Post: Pobe
Contact: or ku.oc.oohay|41retrac_gl#ku.oc.oohay|41retrac_gl

Brief Project Description:

This kit is for a start-up Village Savings and Loans Association group within ACTP, a local established union of seamstresses. Previously, I have worked closely with this group, teaching basic accounting and business management skills so that they may improve upon their income generating activities. It was during these classes that the women complained about lack of access to affordable savings and credit groups. The Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) will be set up to give these women the opportunity to save and take loans from one another in a self-sustaining system, as laid out in the Care and VSL group handbook, which has been successful at establishing other self-sustained associations in other parts of Benin and West Africa. Because of the stability and mutual trust I have observed in the ACTP women’s group, combined with the accounting skills I have previously instilled in members, I am confident this group will be able and willing to sustain the program after I leave the community. At the moment, this is the second VSLA to be established in Pobe (the other is with the trade union group of female weavers), and the groups are exclusive with separate kits, but my female work partner is being trained as an independent field officer with knowledge of the system who can oversee these associations if they have problems in the future.

At present, I have gone through 2 hour-long meetings to explain the system and together we have done a demonstration system using beans, elected the management committee for the first cycle and agreed upon the group’s constitution. These women are now ready to begin the first cycle which will last for 9 months of fortnightly meetings before the share-out. Reasoning for doing only a 9 month cycle initially is so that I may personally guide the groups in how to manage a share-out and restart a cycle before my own service finishes.

Dates of Project: October 29, 2009 – beginning of the initial 9 month cycle
Number of People Involved: 20 female seamstresses (age 23-54) will be direct members of the group, but hopefully their families will be indirect beneficiaries of capital investments and increased income generation.

Item Number Cost
Metal Box 1 15.000 CFA
Pens 2 150 CFA
Ruler 1 100 CFA
Exercise Books 21 2.000 CFA
Padlocks 3 3.000 CFA
Stamp 1 1.000 CFA
Inkpad 1 1.500 CFA
Collection Bowls 2 1.000 CFA
Total Cost 23.750 CFA

Amount Requested: 23.750 CFA


GAD Coordinator: Yay – glad to see Lindsay setting up another VSLA. In particular, love that she is training her work partner to follow up with both groups, thereby ensuring sustainability. And the 9 month cycle makes sense – she can accompany them through one whole cycle. Great proposal, recommend funding.
GAD Finance: I agree. Lindsay is doing a great job. I love the emphasis on sustainability. Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: Great project. Recommend funding.

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