Camp Reporting Form

GAD Camp Reporting and Evaluation Form

Name of Camp:

Girls’ or Boys’ Camp?:

Dates of Camp:

Location (town and venue used):

Camp Organizer (s):

PCV participants:

Participating villages/towns:

Size (number of campers):

Grade Level of Campers:

Did this Camp use Junior Counselors and/or Tutrices?:

Overnight or day camp?:

Theme of Camp:

Partner Organizations and HCN guests (i.e.: This camp partnered with Victory Way for a sexual harassment session and included visits from a sage femme, the mayor, and Director of local CEG) :

Description of activities (Please include main topics discussed):

Describe successes of project:

Describe any lessons learned through the implementation of project:

Please include any other pertinent logistical information for those attempting to re-create a similar camp:

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