Bruce December 2009

Name: Jessica Bruce
Post: Bassila

Brief Project Description:

The secondary schools of Bassila and Manigri (a village in Bassila commune) both have prominent world maps painted on their walls, the legacies of previous Volunteers. However, the country names on both maps were written with marker and have long disappeared. Teachers and administrators complained that they wanted to show the maps to students but that the maps were not useful because of the lack of country names. With Bassila’s Peace Corps Scholarship Girl (in order to fulfill her scholarship’s community service requirement), I painted the country names on the world map at CEG Bassila, using black paint that will not soon wash off or fade. This took approximately five hours and was done over the course of two afternoon’s, with the school director’s approval. Using leftover supplies, PCV Carly Loehrke (TEFL) and I painted the country names on the world map at CEG Manigri. The two maps are now accessible to over 3,000 secondary students.

Dates of Project: July 14-15, 2009 (in Bassila) and July 24, 2009 (in Manigri)
Number of People Involved:

Two Peace Corps Volunteers (Jessica Bruce and Carly Loehrke) were involved in painting the country names. One female student in Premier A (roughly a high school senior) was involved in all aspects of planning and implementation of the project; she gained the director of CEG Bassila’s approval for the project, found and negotiated prices for all budget items, and did half of the painting work in Bassila. Approximately 3,000 students attend CEG Bassila and CEG Manigri and so see the maps every school day.


Item Number Cost
Can of “Savana” black paint 1 2.000 CFA
Thin paint brush 2 600 CFA
Total Cost 3.200 CFA

Amount Requested: 3.200 CFA


This project was enjoyable for all participants and produced a usable resource for two communities. The Scholarship Girl had not previously done anything like this, and she required coaching in her lettering style and spelling. While the painting was time-consuming, it was worthwhile, and I would recommend that any Volunteer attempting a world map use paint to write country names rather than marker, which disappears too quickly.


GAD Coordinator: Great, recommend funding. Glad to see she’s working with an SG!
GAD Finance: Yay for world maps! Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: recommend funding

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