EB December 2009

Brief Project Description:

World Aids Day Project changed to January 2010 because of striking laboratory workers. Plan is to teach Hiv/Aids prevention, importance of testing and knowing results, plus behavior change and utilizing condom. We will walk through 4 villages and rapit test 200 persons.

Dates of Project: January 13, 2010
Number of People Involved: 2Laboratory Technicians for testing 4counselors from CPS2 and Sante2. Also 2 PCVs

Item Cost
Lab Techs 16.000 CFA
Counselors 32.000 CFA
Total Cost 50.000 CFA

Amount Requested: 50.000 CFA


GAD Coordinator:

"We made our choice of villages because it has the highest population thus we hope to reach 1000 plus personnes to talk about HIV. I have boite a' image (4) and everyone will have notebooks to keep a count of people and to write down any difficult questions that may need to be answered by the doctor. The laboratory technicians plan to test 200 with the materials donated by C.I.P.E.C. We have chosen a central point actually CEG1 to set up a testing table and have students and teachers talk about abstinence-finish school, why test-to know results of course and to discuss behavior change. Results are confidential and the lab. techs. have a "fiche de conseil depistage" to keep track of testing."

I like the idea of testing. I would like to know more about how the villages are chosen, the marketing plan, what groups will be targeted, and who will do the sensibilisation. Since this is to take place soon, I think we can approve it once she answers questions, but normally I’d ask her to resubmit.

GAD Finance: I read Liz’s most recent E-mail. Recommend funding.
GAD Specialist: recommend funding.

Closing Report

Brief Description of Project Teaching, counselling, and depistage involving several villages.

Number of People involved
Project: 3 male lab techs
Counsellers: 7 women and 2 men
2 PCVs
Over 2000 Men, Women, and children ages 12-65

What were the Goals/Objectives of this project? Goal/objet one day Teaching (1000+ people) one day depistage 100-200 tested. Changed to Goal: Five day teaching and depistage 1800 to be tested.

Were those goals and objectives met? Yes, see attached copy rapport des conseillers. PCV worked in commune at CEG 1 and arrondissement with groups (teaching/counselling) one afternoon walked through village and boutiques teaching with 2 other health workers.

What were the strengths of this project?
1. First depistage Project in the commune; results important for Hospital to respond to HIV.
2. Materials donated by CIPEC/and doctors and depistage anonymous and free
3. Project supervised by chief doctor who the people of the commune really respect

What were the challenges/weaknesses of this projects?
Hospital and CPS needed more preparation to respond to "What if commune has increased Numbers of HIV positive people?". Also more knowledge/demonstrations of condoms for students to learn protection.

Do you consider this project completed? Yes


~Item Number Cost
Supervisor depistage 1 12.000
Chef d'arrondissement 1 10.000
Centre de promotion sociale 4 28.000

Total: 50,000 CFA

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